Thursday, June 4, 2020

Watch the Ages and Dwads and SubDwads to know what is happening!

As to constellations, we may not be in the Aquarian Age, but it is Sidereal Astrology that deals with Constellations. People working with “signs” usually see us in the Aquarian Age. Each Age is 2160 Years long.

A Dwad is dividing that Age into 12 sections. In our opinion, we r moving out of the Scorpio Dwad and into 180 years of the Libra Dwad. Equality anyone?  It really helps if you know the “Systems” of the Aquarian Age. The names we gave each system tells you what happens as the emphasis through those years. Scorpio was Sir Lance and Sir Trance Circles as in what goes around (communication, wheels/transportation).

In that Libra Dwad, now named Val U Refining, we will go through 15 year sections called Sub-dwads.

All that is happening is right on time IF one believes in the same timing of the Aq Age as we do.

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