Monday, March 30, 2020

Start of Covid19

I was looking at when the virus would actually have started, not when it came to the world’s attention in Dec 2019. To me, it looks like it started in 1981. That was about the time HIV came to the world’s attention.

We shall see! 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Was this the start of Covid19?

The incubation period (time till symptoms show up) is said to be 1-14 days. The shrimp vendor in Wuhan (thought to pethaps be patient zero or first person w the virus) has said she started feeling bad on Dec 10, 2019 and thought it was her annual bout of the flu.

I did this chart for Dec 8, 2019, a “5” day in numerology,  which would make the 9th a 6 day. The astrology program on my iphone does not have a location for Wuhan, china so i selected a nearby town. I typically use 12:01 pm for the time of charts when i don’t have a time.

Here is the chart for the 8th.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Vulcan in pisces

Just as expected the service industry of consuming food, beverages, and entertainment has been shut down except for pick up  at  restaurants/bars.

Vulcan will be going into Aries next and this is the military so we should be hearing about that ince Vulcan reaches 8 to 11 degrees.

This will help reinforce the accuracy of Aquarian Age Astrology.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Finishing up Scorpio Sub-Dwad of Aquarian Age

Each Age of 2160 years can be divided into 12 Dwads and each is 180 years. Then each Dwad can be divided into Sub-Dwads.

So, as we finish the Scorpio Dwad, we move to Libra. Remember, the Ages move Clockwise so we go backwards through them.

Libra is equality so that will be interesting as we watch the idea of royalty and “head” of countries and companies etc fall and the regular ppl take over.

I will write a book at some point on the Dwads of the Aquarian Age. We r right where we r supposed to be in God’s Great Plan for our Plan-et! 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Aquarian Age Astrology’s Systems are correct

I just read a Tweet after 5:00 pm on Sunday, 3-22-20 (during the Covid19 fiasco) from a trucker who said that trucking is the bloodline of the USA. In AAA, the system that includes trucking is Scorpio or, as we labeled it, Sir Lance and Sir Trance Circles tm, the Circulation System.

I have seen this reinforcement for various systems many times. Therefore, i am confident we have AAA correct. Love it! 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lilith the shadow moon

Interesting that with people referring to the deep state or shadow govt and presidential hopeful former vp Joe Biden planning to start his shadow press conferences that the transiting dark moon Lilith is exactly conjunct that natal Lilith in the chart for when the new USA constitution went into effect after being voted on and accepted by the 9th required colony (after the rev war).

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Why? march 2020

When we look at Ages, we move clockwise starting at virgo, the Age at midnight of the big day we r in. That means we start at the end of the Age and move toward the beginning. Further, in Aquarian Age Astrology, each Age or system is a “car” on the BrainTrain and has 12 seats. The fist seat is divided into 2 parts, thus making the 13th step the completion of the pure idea or ideal. 

Right now, we are in the Aquarian Age. 

The dwad is Scorpio and subdwad of Scorpio (the circulation system) is Sag, the tool of the system. 

In our bodies this tool brings in oxygen from the invisible world to matter. In this sub-dwad, we have
Stores, bars, restaurants closing and air travel as well as cruise travel limited. Today as i write this trucks r still on the road supplying grocery stores. Don't be surprised if that changes. 

Think about the circulation system in your body. Oxygenated blood goes to cells and picks up the waste to go back to lungs and out of the body. Society had a great run and now we deal with the dark side. 

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Covid19 reinforces Aq Age Astrology is correct

As terrible as this pandemic virus is, it does reinforce that the AQ Age Astrology is dynamic and correct. My destiny has been to reveal this as Astrology in the next Age, even if by constellation (because of its size and because we r not basing this on Vedic Astrology) ee still r in the Piscean Age.

In Aaa, Cancer is the Reproduction System in humans, aka know as Production or manufacturing in the Economy. Also, Pisces is the consumer system.  The 8th step in Pisces is the Libra step. Libra is filtering. So. If production of masks for use is a big deal then we would expect Neptune as representing Cancer to be between 16.15 and 18.45 degrees of Pisces right now. And there it is!

I personally bought boxes of masks many months ago. But, I have the advantage of AAAstrology and wanting ny family to be safe.

So goes life and this pandemic will end. We just wait for that! 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

A previous opinion and I was right!

Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s i was a newspaper reporter. I wrote a lot of political and business news. It became obvious to me that manufacturing plants in small towns were closing as the work moved to other parts of the world. The moves were to obtain low wage workers. I thought this was a really bad mistake, based on my own chart.

I contacted Congress people in DC and expressed what a mistake this was. I wanted a law that half of what was purchased in the USA was manufactured here. I was trying to be fair about importing! I was told i didn’t know what i was talking about and i needed to get with “progress.”

The USA became a “service economy.”

Here we are in 2020 and the country is pretty much shutting down because of a virus from another continent. Services are getting hit hard. Part of the reason is because of a political ploy. But part is because we are a service instead of a manufacturing economy.

Many ingredients of our medicines come from other parts of the world. Despite Pres Trump bringing some manufacturing activity back to this country, there are many plants still closed, meaning Americans have continued to buy a lot from other countries.

With exporting from China slowing down dramatically, becausevof the Wuhan virus, purchasers in the USA are not finding all the previous choices available.

We would have been better off for manufacturing to have continued here. Even if items were more expensive. Of course, those legislators from the time i wrote snail-nail letters are no longer in Congress. Still, we would bow be better off if this were a manufacturing instead of service economy. I was right all those decades ago, but i do have an isolationist natal chart, so maybe my opinion comes strongly from that. Oh well! We shall see what the future holds! 

Coronavirus when did it start?

There is reported to be evidence from DNA that the virus started in september. This makes sense to me using Aquarian Age Astrology. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wuhan Lab chart

Here is the natal chart for noon for the first ops of the lab on July 24, 2018. When i don’t have an accurate time of birth, i use 12:01 pm which is noon. Only houses, the lesser light aka Moon, Moon Nodes, and special points like East and West Points, Vertex and Anti-Vertex are affected by time. The greater Light aka Sun and planets are correct although planets closer to the sun may be iff by seconds.  I need to check how far off Vulcan and Mercury may be. I do use Asteroids as well as Eris and Sedna. 

Finally see how to add images / Coronavirus

I have posted about Astrology so often on my Facebook page because it was easy to add images. Just read how to do that on Blogger, so should start posting more here.

As to the virus, there was no doubt that was coming with the stellium in Capricorn. With time, it will disappear. Time changes everything as issues come and go. That is what Astrology is all about. I do plan to write books on the Aquarian Age interpretation of charts. Will post on this blog as i publish them.