Friday, December 8, 2017

End if America

Observant people can see this now. The trigger was Pres Trump's giving all of Jerusalem to the Israelis.

When the British Balfour Agreement was created in the early 1900s,  West Jerusdlem would become the capitsl of Israel and East Jerusalem would become the capital of Palestine.

After the horror of the Holocaust, it was natural in 1946 for people to want the Jews to have a homeland. Libya even offered land. But, the Jewish Zionists wanted the land the Palestinians lived on. It had been where Solomon's Temple was back almost 600 years before the Christisn era began. So much for time.

The Brits got the US involved and the US Congress told Pres Truman to stay out of that issue. He didn't, of course. You can see in his chsrt what a mass-murderer he was. He loved conflict. He went right on the radio in 1948 and recognized Israel as a new nation. What happened? The bulldozers went toward the homes of Palestinians who were told they had 10 minutes to take what they wanted and get out. Homes were bulldozed to the ground. The land was stolen from the Palestinians and they were put into fenced-in camps.

Some of us have thought that theft was wrong, but there was a peace-process in effect with the US trying to broker talks. The Israelis refused to settle for peace as they used live ammo to fire on rock-throwing children snd adults.

In 1967, the Isrselis, backed by the US and Britain, attacked Egypt, which fought vack. Other Arab nations fought Israel, but they had no chance to win what was called the 6-day war. Because of thst war, with the Israelis clsiming they were attacked first, Israel took East Jerusslem snd Gaza. Israeli settlers began destroying anything Palestinisn as they built homes for themselves.

So we come to Wednesdsy, with Trump fulfilling his promise to Fundsmentalist Christians who were radicalized by the Scofield interpretstion of the Bible so they believe God granted special favor to the Jews of Israel (the King James Bible gives favor to the son of Abrahsm, not to the nation of Israel, but people like having others thinknthey have the favor of God, so they have allowed that misinterpretetion to exist).

In Aquarian Age Astrology, the planets are called Character Builders and Pluto is the fulfillment of one's dedtiny or purpose. In the chart I use for the UasA (based on ratification of the Constitution that made this a soverign nation and not on what I see as labor pains of July 4, 1776) Pluto, the cup of fullment, is at 17 aquarius. So, when transit Pluto teaches that place again, the destiny of the USA is finished. At that point, in my opinion, a different country will be on its way to power.

When the chart I ise for the USA was progressed to Wednesday, we have the Progressed Sun exactly conjunct Natal Pluto, which means observant people could see the end of the USA.

On Twitter, many, many people Tweeted Pres Trump's announcement marked the end of America. That is what I see.