Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 8-21-17 and Pres Trump

Every year there are a couple of eclipses that show in an ephemeris and on various government astronomy bulletins. We use them when analyzing charts. Eclipses can be solar or lunar and Total or Partial or even Hybrid.

I still have my book published by the government of all eclipses and their paths in the 1900s. Now, with the Internet, it is easy to simply check out websites.

On Monday, this is just another Total Solar Eclipse and they happen all the time. What is different? The path of the umbra and pre umbra goes all the way across the contiguous USA, although it does not go across Washington, DC.

With each event, the Sun is located at a specific degree and minute of the Piscean Age Zodiac.

Monday's Total Solar eclipse, which is less than 3 minutes in duration, occurs at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo.

Astrologers have been watching this upcoming event because it conjuncts Pres Trump's Ascendant at 29 degrees 58 minutes.

It is the Energy of the Sun  or "big guy, most highly elevated" in the country cut off by the Moon or the people. I personally think we can see that happening already, a bit since inauguration, but heavily since the Charlottsville, VA event.

There are some who believe the president will be assassinated and one Missouri (the show me state) Democratic legislator said the other day she hopes he is. She since has taken down her words from Facebook and apologized, especially after the Secret Service officials talked to her. She had said she would never apologize, but I think the threat of prison plus both Dens and Republicans heavily criticizing her helped her change her mind about the apology.

The eclipses occur in what are known as Saros Cycles, which happen in intervals of years. This one is SC 145 and included a total Solar Eclipse shortly before the nukes were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, then in July, 1963, months before JFK was assassinated on Nov 22 that year.

The Sun in that eclipse was at 27 degrees of Cancer 26 minutes. In JFK's birth Saturn was at 27 degrees 9 minutes. Saturn was located less than 4 degrees from the MC in that birth chart. In Aquarian Age Astrology, the Tenth house is what comes to ground to be buried.

While some see an assassination attempt of Pres Trump with tomorrow's eclipse, others do not. I already see what is happening as people try to remove the president from office and, as with everything, the build-up is there and as soon as the eclipse happens, all that energy is depleted, so things continue. Obviously, to me, i think this has been a horrible last week for the president. So, i am not seeing his assassination, despite what some people want to happen.

I am curious as to why more people have not made viewing boxes for the event. I will be watching NASA's live streaming so I don't have to go outside in the Texas heat.

I do still have photos of an eclipse i watched years ago. But, not on this phone, so will post two viewing methods other than glasses.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

12th Step, the 6th of 6

In Aquarian Age Astrology, we use 13 Steps forveach System. The 13th Step is actually the last half of the 1st Step.

If you follow the Actions Apt, Tie-and-Wrap, and the Scrap Twins order combined with the Elements Quick, Smart, EZ, and Aware you see that 6 is Scrap EZ or in Piscean Age Astrology mutable eart. This is earthquakes and events happening on the physical level that shake the world (as in 1860s War Between the States aka Civil War and 1960s Vietnam War and massive protests).

If we count forward from 6 to 12, we can see we have moved 6 steps. This means that a planet like IronMan Jumper Pumper (Uranus) in the 12th step of the muscke system we can Muscle Hustle, would bring on some violence. Did it? If you call what happened at Charlottsville, Va on Aug 12, 2017 (a 3 day and this is mutable air) violent, you are getting the picture.

There is much more to this, as in why that location, but enough to ponder today. 


It is interesring that people believe citizens in the USA can come together and get past the racial divisions and other strifes.

They think that because they don't know numerology. When you havevthese 7s in a founding, you have separation. That is what 7 is. So 1776 means something.