Monday, May 2, 2011

Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

I had rectified a chart for the USA. As mentioned earlier, I don't use the July 4, 1776 chart. To me that is labor pains and the US wasn't yet born and also wasn't legally a country yet.

When I rectify, I don't look at or for Arabian Points. I look only at events. After rectifying the chart to show time of event, it was interesting that the Part of Assassination lay exactly on the natal planet Neptune (Part Assassination conjunct natal Neptune).

I had mentioned Neptune at 18 degrees Libra in a previous post. The Part of Assassination for the USA chart I use is at 18 Libra. Again, when I rectified the USA chart to find the correct time, I had no idea the Part of Assassination would sit on top of the Planet of Assassination, but that is what happened.

In the natal USA chart progressed to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Midheaven was at 18 Pisces. In Aquarian Age Astrology, we could say the Midheaven exactly takes on the Part of Assassination to handle. We use this phrase when talking about an inconjunct aspect and the inconjunct is applying.  Since the progressed Midheaven was at 18 Pisces, the progressed Nadir was at 18 Virgo or exactly connecting to the Part of Assassination in the natal chart.

Chiron and the East Point were conjunct at 18 Gemini. This makes the West Point at 18 Sag, which was exactly square or a force taking on to the MC. 

Other Midpoints on that progressed chart that are interesting to us are Saturn/Uranus at 19 Taurus, Moon/Jupiter at 18 Cancer, Jupiter/Ascendant at 18 Cancer, Neptune/Pluto at 19 Sag, Mercury/Saturn at 19 Cap, and Sun/Pluto at 19 Cap.

Doesn't all this activity on the 8th Seat of train cars point to reinforcement that the Part of Assassination in the natal chart was being activated through aspects. Also aspected would be that Natal Neptune, the dream planet. In other words, the American Dream was affected and so many tears flowed (again Neptune).

Regarding midpoints, the Part of Assassination in the progressed chart was at 18 Leo.

It is interesting that the 18 degrees is coming up again soon by planetary aspects in the progressed chart of the USA.

Other assassinations of U.S. Presidents had 17, 18, 19 degree aspects. Interesting!

Astrology tells the story!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Astrologers Don't Reveal Predictions

If an Astrologer were to gain a reputation of predicting mundane (global) events accurately, people would pay attention to those predictions. Once the Astrologer then revealed a specific prediction, people involved or related to that event could influence an alteration of the event. This would apply to events considered for good or for evil.

For example, it is possible that Astrologers who knew the attack on Osama Bin Laden would be coming on May 1 (using the American chart) may have kept their predictions quiet so that the event could play out? Otherwise, had Astrologers revealed the prediction, could they be accused of helping to change the event or even of facilitating an act of treason toward their native country. If an Astrologer had predicted the Bin Laden death and such prediction had facilitated an escape of Bin Laden, would that be treason? This is something to think about.

Osama Bin Laden - Why Now?

I haven't looked at the typical US chart used by most Astrologers (based on July 4, 1776). I don't use a chart for 1776.

In the chart I use and which I rectified years ago, the progressed Mercury (communication) is exactly trine Natal Neptune, the planet of assassinations, on May 4. That means the culmination would be in a few days. I call this "on the nose."

Today, May 1, Transiting Mercury is opposed to Natal Neptune. Therefore, the news regarding that trine comes out today.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, an opposition is a potential to speak and also the peak of something happening and this happening bring global awareness due to the opposition representing the 7th position.

Today, the news would be regarding an assassination. Natal Neptune in the chart I use is located at 18 Libra 22 or sitting on the 8th "Seat" in the Libra car. This is the Taurus seat. The 8th Seat is always about obsession or occupied with. Libra is Val U. Refining, the elimination system. Therefore, the assassination would be of someone, a mysterious person (Neptune) with whom the U.S. has been obsessed with in terms of eliminating.

No surpise, therefore, that the news tonight was the killing of Osama. One question is, who killed Osama? Was it U.S. Navy Seals or was it someone in Osama's group? After all, Osama always has stated he expected his colleagues to kill him and keep him from falling into the hands of the Americans.

I'm sure more news will be released. I do watch Al Jazeera for my news in order to get a viewpoint that balances the bias of the American media.

Another question is what will be the response of Al Qaeda? We shall see! I will be looking at the U.S. chart for ramifications of today's action.

It is interesting that Osama has been reported to be a Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune in Piscean Age Astrology.