Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why Romney Lost

     The moon is the closest satellite to Earth. As we all know, it reflects light of the Sun. Yesterday, Nov. 6, 2012, the Presidential election featured Candidate Barack Obama, who has the Sun at 12 degrees Leo in his natal (birth) chart. Yesterday, during the election, the moon transited his Sun. In other words, the Moon yesterday reflected the "Light" of Pres. Obama.
     There were people who were going to vote for Pres. Obama's re-election no matter what. Either they are confirmed Democrats or they simply preferred him. However, there were people who intended to vote for Gov. Romney. They had intellectually analyzed the policies of both candidates and had determined Gov. Romney would be the better of the two at getting the U.S. economy growing again. It is difficult to maintain one's intellectual focus for all of us at all times.
     Yesterday, however, it became extremely difficult for voters who intended to vote for Gov. Romney. You will discover as the years move forward that many of those people entered the voting booth with every intention casting a ballot for Romney, only to feel the impulse once there to vote for Pres. Obama. Some were able to fight the impulse and to vote for Romney. Many others, however, couldn't fight the impulse and, at the last minute, changed their vote from Gov. Romney to Pres. Obama. As a result, Pres. Obama won a second term.
     The moon is very powerful in our lives. It will be interesting to see how this inability to fight the moon's impulse by those individuals ties in with what will happen in their lives as a result of the Galactic Alignment. Also, Barack Obama's two terms are the beginning of the end of the U.S. as we have known it. The U.S. is moving to become just another country in the New World Order. This couldn't happen with the economy and the military at full strength. It is very interesting to view the synestry between Pres. Obama's chart and that of the U.S. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Brain and Learning

A quick blog - today I'm studying information at, which is Genes To Cognition. I'm in the Gene Finder section and studying Genes, Chemicals, and Cells. This is great information. The section on Long-Term Potentiation, as explained by various professors, makes it obvious that we need to repeat information to create strength. For example (this is my example), the more often we repeat multiplication tables, the stronger that knowledge is and the faster we can respond. This is a great site about learning and, in my opinion, all education programs in college should include a course on brain and learning for potential teachers.

DNA altered by Experience

In the new Aquarian Age Astrology, Virgo is the Genetic System and its opposite is Pisces, the Digestive System, which pertains to experience. Today I am on the website which is Genes to Cognition. I've been going through many of the videoes, especially in the Gene Finding area, which covers, genes, chemicals, and cells.
It was very reinforcing to find the video of Professor Eric Kandel in which he explains that events in the environment can have profound effects on gene expression and brain anatomy.
This tells me that the new Aquarian Age Astrology is correct. Virgo stops or tops out at Pisces and can be significantly altered there. The Sun as hiding Vulcan now rules Virgo and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Therefore, any aspects between these two can make significant changes in our lives.
Obviously, two twins born with the same genetics can experience two very different homes and treatment and become two very different people.
We can be born with talents and potentials and, because of experiences, never materialize those or extremely materialize them. Experience controls so much about us and, therefore, it is wise to control our experiences and determine with whom we want to spend time, where, doing what, which chemicals (as in food and beverages) we want to intake and what we do NOT want to ingest (2nd hand smoke, illegal drugs, etc.).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Soldiers with PTST

The news is discussing the staff sargeant who allegedly left his post and went into a town in Afghanistan and skilled 16 people, including children. Of course, I'd like to see his personal astrological chart.

Someday, astrology will play an important part in selecting which people (men and women) go into combat and which do not. A chart tells us who is more sensitive and who is less sensitive. It is the more sensitive people who have a harder time dealing with the violence of war. This is true whether or not the individuals are directly involved. Just listening to bombs and armaments fired can more strongly upset those individuals of all ages who are more sensitive.

The use of Astrology will make the world such a better place in terms of who does what. This is especially true when using Decans, Dwads, and Sub-Dwads, which take us to the very specific energies for individuals. This will show up in twins who are born a couple of minutes or more apart, yet appear to be very different. More on this latter situation later.

I'm sure when we see the accurate chart for the staff sargeant, we will calculate WHY this happened - what was the trigger within him that motivated his actions, if he is the person responsible.