Monday, March 19, 2012

Soldiers with PTST

The news is discussing the staff sargeant who allegedly left his post and went into a town in Afghanistan and skilled 16 people, including children. Of course, I'd like to see his personal astrological chart.

Someday, astrology will play an important part in selecting which people (men and women) go into combat and which do not. A chart tells us who is more sensitive and who is less sensitive. It is the more sensitive people who have a harder time dealing with the violence of war. This is true whether or not the individuals are directly involved. Just listening to bombs and armaments fired can more strongly upset those individuals of all ages who are more sensitive.

The use of Astrology will make the world such a better place in terms of who does what. This is especially true when using Decans, Dwads, and Sub-Dwads, which take us to the very specific energies for individuals. This will show up in twins who are born a couple of minutes or more apart, yet appear to be very different. More on this latter situation later.

I'm sure when we see the accurate chart for the staff sargeant, we will calculate WHY this happened - what was the trigger within him that motivated his actions, if he is the person responsible.