Thursday, August 1, 2019

Importance of using correct info

I have been analyzing charts of people who have committed suicide and decided to see what other astrologers say. There truly are some dingbat people doing astrology.
I wont say who, but I wanted a different perspective on Robin Williams suicide and found a real dingbat!

Robin Williams had an incurable health issue that would deteriorate (Lewy Bodies, similar to Parkinson’s). He killed himself as a result of depression over this. His wife’s opinion matters because she lived with him and watched him move into a depressed state.

The point of this blog is: that dingbat astrologer used Daylight Savings Time for his birth in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.

The problem is, in Chicago, DST didn't begin to be used until 1961, a full decade after RW was born, so his natal chart should  be set up for Central Standard Time. Using Daylight Savings Time totally throws off the chart houses and extra points. This is important because for death, we look at the 8th House, which for RW was Gemini on the cusp. In Pisces Age Astrology, Gemini is ruled by Mercury. When we progress the CORRECT NATAL CHART to the day he committed suicide, we see progressed Mars exactly conjunct his Mercury and both (obviously-it is a conjunction) are exactly conjunct the MC in the CORRECT NATAL CHART! The MC is the polarity of the 4th House or IC, also known as “the end of life.” There is more in his chart, but I won’t go into that since the point of this blog is to always use accurate info!

That Mars/Mercury on the MC-IC pole would not show in the inaccurate natal chart based on Daylight Savings Time. It always is best to have accurate info.

Yes, it takes a little more time to be accurate, but, for some of us, why even bother with inaccuracy, plus one loses the respect of astrologers who insist on accuracy and without it, one may be giving out wrong or incomplete info. Enough said!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Planetary hours

right now on 7-29-19, it is the Mercury Planetary Hour, which is communication. Transiting Mercury is at 24 Cancer, family sign. It is Retrograde which means it appears to move backwards. It doesn't really move backwards, only appears to from Earth.

My son texted me during this P Hour about some docs he needed to fax. He picked them up already! They relate to the past (as in retrograde). Not surprising!

Astrology works!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How do you know what is happening in a country?

It is not easy to know. For example, what chart does one use for the USA? All the astrologers i know use the July 4, 1776 signing of declaration of indepence. I don’t use that chart. Instead i use the chart for the ratification of the US constitution, since that ratification made the USA a country. I think of the signing of the Declaration of Independence as labor pains.

We could go back to 1584 and the Roanoke VA colony or 1607 and Jamestown Colony in VA. . Or 1620 and Plymouth founders in what is now MA. See the problem here?

Using the Constitution Ratification and the return of Pluto to where is was when New Hampshire ratified the Constitution (and i thank Karen for the time which she found for us), the Constitution is over or fulfilled in the 2030s and i think most people can see we have major problems in the country today. Are these problems the result of what happened in other charts? For example, when Queen Elizabeth I (dtr of Henry the 8th and Anne Bolyn) signed the charter for the Roanoke Va colony, Pluto was at 6 Aries 26, or would have been had it been discovered. What happened in this country with the Roanoke Colony? Everyone disappeared and it is believed the colonists were absorbed into the Croatan Indian Tribe. We know of the Roanoke Colony as the “Lost Colony.” Then what happened when Pluto returned to 6 Aries?

In 1830 we again have something about Native Americans as the Trail of Tears it is called resulting from the Indian Removal Act. Interesting! 

Friday, July 12, 2019


What is Karma? To me it is simply timing in astrological charts and would be the progressed and transit charts.

Bill Clinton had a special piece of luck going in his life. Yes, he was impeached but he was not removed from office.

Yes, he lost his law license, but his speaking engagements brought in more money than he would have made practicing law.

It is interesting to look at the synestry charts of Clinton’s natal against the Teterboro arrest of Jeffrey Epstein. Looks like Clinton’s luck has run out.

Epstein and a couple of thoughts

1) do people want to get caught? Is justice a sense we are born with?
I think so and i believe jeffry epstein wanted, subconsciously maybe, but really wanted his high powered friends to share in his misery. Such a friend would be bill clinton and others; while he had trump as a friend, that ended years ago when trump tossed Epstein from mar a lago and then helped the prosecution to nail epstein the first time (2007-2008).  Ask yourself, would a convicted child predator who owns an island in the Caribbean that is not under us law enforcement auspices and who has the money, plane, etc to travel the world, would such a man own a home in nyc in which his escapades could land him in jail unless he at least subconsciously wanted to get caught so his high powered friends could be taken down with him? Wouldn't he have avoided owning that mansion where sex trafficking took place? I think so, so, to me, this is Epstein's way to balance the scales.

2 and speaking of balancing the scales over victimizers and victims or bringing justice to the issue of sex trafficking, in Aq Age Astrology, the charts are all about Libra and Virgo (remember AAA is not the same as traditional Western or Piscean Age Astrology. enough said because i may write a book explaining all this. A synestry of Epstein’s chart to Clinton’s will be interesting!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Nike and Eclipse July 2, 2019

Nike Inc started out as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 when Phil Knight ran track and began selling shoes from Japan. He sold the athletic shoes from the trunk of his car.  His track coach was co-founder of the company.

In 1971 the company name was changed to Nike with the N Node of the natal chart  at 10 Cancer.

What is interesting to me is the eclipse yesterday was at 10 Cancer. There was the big ruckus of Nike planning to sell shoes with the alleged original US (“Betsy Ross) flag on the back. It never has been proven or disproven if Ross sewed that flag. Her grandson presented that story in 1870 and said he was told the story by a relative. His grandmother was deceased at the time.

Colin Kaepernick, a bi-racial has-been football player, was unhappy about the flag and has said he feels the American flag is racist. He is spokesperson for Nike. The company is not going to sell those shoes with the flags and recalled those orders shipped to stores.

A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun is hidden by the Moon. Looks like yesterday Nike’s big solar appeal to buys got eclipsed by emotions (the moon reps emotions in a chart). 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Missy Beavers murder

On Monday April 18, 2016, Missy Beavers, a wife and mother of three, was murdered in the early hours of the day at Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas. There is surveillance video of a person, dressed in black swat gear, walking around in the church. Apparently, there is no video of the actual murder, but it is surmised that the individual in the Swat gear killed Mrs Beavers with a hammer by striking her on the head and in the torso.

Mrs Beavers was at the church, about 10 miles from her home in Red Oak, to lead a class for Camp Gladiator. The class was supposed to be held in the parking lot but was moved inside due to rain. It has been stated she let class members know on social media of that change in location.

Some Members of the class found Mrs Beavers about 5:00 am and police arrived about 5:05 am.

Mrs Beavers husband was on a fishing trip in or near Biloxi, Mississippi. He said in a video that he warned his wife to always scan the parking lot for vehicle(s) when she arrived at the class location. He further stated in a video that he told her to have her gun handy but that police located the weapon in the truck she drove and parked. This statement by police would mean she didn’t carry her gun into the church.

Although I have tried to get a time, date, and place of birth for Missy Beavers, that info has not been forthcoming. What I do have from an article on the Internet is the time the person in Swat gear was seen on video in the church. According to police, the person entered through a back door and no outside cameras were operational so we don’t have that time.

The chart I have for a time on video of the Swat person is what I used for trying to figure out why.
What I have come up with is the Swat person was a pregnant female who felt threatened in her relationship with her expected child’s father. True? Without more times and being sure of accuracy, I don’t know. It does appear from the chart that Mrs Beavers and Swat person had endured an encounter and Swat person killed Mrs Beavers as a way of stopping plans she had and of getting even with her. I used Aquarian Age Astrology, not Piscean Age.

Three years have passed and police still have not captured the killer. They received over 2000 potential leads, but they report most were about the strange way the Swat person walked. That person was described as about 5 feet 8 inches give or take 1.34 inches.

Some questions and observations: How did that person know the class would be inside the church? Swat person didn’t seem to know or to mind about the surveillance camera(s). Swat person did seem to check our rooms in the church and may not have been that familiar with the place. Where and when did Swat person buy the gear being worn? Was Swat person dealing with a limb injury or other reason that caused the gait or does the person always walk that way?

Way too many unknowns. Regardless, a husband has lost his wife and daughters lost their mother. That is sad. Plus, police like to solve crimes and this hasn’t been solved! That is frustrating! Also to consider are the emotions of the class member(s) who discovered Mrs Beavers. Then there is the killer-what goes on with that person?

Truly this is a tragedy. Is it related to karma from a past lifetime or from this life? Someday answers will come out. DNA was discovered but the FBI could not tie it to a person and never announced if it were from a male or female. Was it from the killer? Did the killer take the murder weapon with him or her? Again, so many questions!

I believe somewhere in Missy Beaver’s astrological chart (natal or progressed) is the name of the killer. I hope someday we find that. The thought of a killer loose in society is unacceptable!

One can Google “Missy Beavers” and “surveillance video” and get info.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

People are like chemistry

Alone, a person may be fine, but put them with one other person or even a group of people, and the negativity comes out. The individual’s tendency toward hatefulness, violence, and/or hurtfulness is increased. Only a lot of self-analysis and the strong will to no longer allow the self to fall to that level can change the journey. This may not be easy, especially the more karma one has accrued. With all that karma, one may just be born mean and have a greater challenge to overcome those natural tendencies. It is especially important that each of us looks at our own behavior when alone and when with certain people lest we become like destructive acids found in chemistry. We can easily become bound to another who doesn’t bring out the best in us. Do we blame them or do we pay attention to recognizing our behaviors and thoughts and move away from such negativity as quickly as possible. This can be a hard thing to do when family is involved, but maybe that is the primary karmic lesson of the lifetime. We don’t “have to” stay in bondage. It takes courage and will, but moving on can be accomplished. The best to the reader in your self-discovery and journey. I don’t say that enough, but I think it often.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Aspects:opposition to Sun

Any time one has an aspect that is an opposition to the Sun, that same Planet, Light (as in Moon), Asteroid, or Special Point is simultaneously conjunct to the Earth in the chart because the Earth is located in the exact opposite point from the Sun (same degree, minutes, seconds). Not all Astrologers and not all Astrology software programs use the Earth. For those of us who do, the Earth means what is happening in our earth lives. 

Just an observation about destiny numbers

In my many years of Astrology, i have noticed that people whose destiny numbers are lower than that of others will do anything they can to drag down the person with the higher destiny number. The individuals with the lower numbers don’t necessarily CONSCIOUSLY do this. They simply seen to have an innate feel for the fact someone else has worked their way farther along “The Path.”

What is even worse is that often the person with the higher number is totally unaware of what is going on. This is sad, but i see it happen.

It is possible for two people with lower numbers to try to destroy a third person whose number is double theirs as each is added together. Have seen this also.

It would be better for those lower number people to work on their own development, but sometimes they are just so unaware of the reality of themselves and they do no self-analysis that they think they r perfect as they are now. They never have read the phrase, “Man, know thyself.”

It can be very painful for the third person to deal with or put up with the attempts of destruction. This is especially true when it involved families, married couples, or employment situations. I never have seen this happen among close friends, since there is not the jealousy or envy involved. I have seen a lot of close friend pairings have the same destiny numbers.

By Destiny Number, i mean adding birth month to date to year and then transposing to a single digit.
For example, Pres Trump’s number or life path would be
6 + 14 + 1946 for a total of 1966 and those digits added together are 22 which brought to one digit by adding the 2 + 2 is a 4.

Others, including alleged professional numerologists, may have other names for this method, but i personally have seen it as the “Destiny Number” for many decades.
There are also methods for determining the name number (using the numbers ascribed to the alphabet letters) or soul number (using vowels). Check the Internet or a good book on Numerology for more info.

Just saying pay attention and be aware of motives of people who “have your best interest at heart,” esp when relationships with these people are toxic to you! We all need positive relationships and not poisonous, destructive ones! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Importance of specific data!

Was E Jean Carroll raped by Donald Trump sometime in 1993 in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman store in NYC?

If we had accurate birth data and the date of the alleged attack, we should know. Interesting how Ms Carroll never gives a specific date or even a month for the alleged attack and i had to go through a lot of stories to find that she says it was 1993 (article in Esquire magazine) when normally she says in the 1990s.

For a rape to have occurred, we could do progressed natal charts to the date of the alleged attack. I think there would have to be strong aspects between the two charts, with a square or opposition at zero degrees zero minutes.

We have the president’s birth data. We have her date and place of birth, but no time. That isn’t good enough. We must have an accurate time of her birth, although i do think from her looks she may have a Sag Ascendant meaning she was born around 6 AM on that date. And, we need the date of the alleged attack. That it happened sometime that year doesn’t work.

Trump is a 4 Destiny number (a force to be reckoned with) and she is a 5 (concrete knowledge with insight into human behavior). We start with destiny numbers! That is how natal planets, progressions, and transits affect us.

Maybe at some future time, we will have more specific info and can do charts and a delineation.