Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 is a 7 destiny number year

When we add the digits for a year, we obtain a single destiny number for that whole year and each number relates a specific meaning to us. This year of 2014 is a 7 (2 + 0 + 1 + 4). The last time we had a 7 year was in 2005 and, as with now, the country was divided. Polarized is a better word with people on each side believing they are right and others are wrong. Polarization was very strong, but seems to be even more intense now as people become more comfortable with publicly expression extreme vitriolic and hateful opinions.

This 7 year is the 7th step from 2008, which was a 10 or 1 year, meaning a new start. We definitely saw that with the election of Barack Obama. People who had not studied his astrological chart believed positive change was on the way and, no doubt, some people believe he has brought that. Others believe he has been the most divisive president in America's history and not because of his race. Rather it has been his Moon in Gemini characteristics, for example stating his administration would be transparent and yet meetings are held without the openness many Americans would like, the NSA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, photographers no longer allowed to take photos of events (instead the president's photographer shoots photos and those are officially released as THE only photograph of an event), etc. etc.

Moon in Gemini is a difficult placement and an individual with this Character Builder(TM) [Moon] in the Respiration System of Live O2 and Killer COO(TM) can lead people to easily speak out of both sides of the mouth. I often call this a "pully-push" maneuver and in a future writing will discuss how this affects people in relationships and marriages. Regarding this post, in other words, one may make a statement, but the opposite is the reality. BTW, in Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, we use Character Builders instead of planets and the lights of Sun and Moon and Systems instead of signs.

It is doubtful Mr. Obama knew he was being elected at a 1 destiny number (I say that because I don't know of any astrologers who are or have been counseling him or his administration, as opposed to previous presidents who consulted with astrologers and we knew about it). Whoever is elected POTUS in 2016 will be elected in a 9 year and will be inaugurated in a 10 or 1 year, so there is the possibility of a very new beginning for the country.

It is noteworthy that December in 2007 was the beginning of the real estate meltdown, which really took off in 2008, that 1 year. And since the recession began, there hasn't been an effective plan for getting masses of people back to work (I said effective - yes there have been plans that have been luke-warm in effectiveness, but nothing has put back into the workforce the MILLIONS of people who have lost jobs).

The government can certainly announce that the unemployment rate is 7% or 8% or whatever, but the fact is, government officials STOP counting lots of people who have been unemployed. They count only people unemployed in the most recent months. If everyone unemployed were counted, the rate would be closer to 20% and even the government statistics indicate the higher percentage for some demographics, for example African American males, teenagers, etc. College educated employees have had the smallest amount of downsizing, which encourages the importance of education. For specific information on how the Bureau of Labor calculates the unemployment rate, visit http://www.bls.gov/cps/cps_htgm.htm#unemployed.

2011 was a very emotional year for Americans. It was a 4 destiny and 4 is the number of emotions (represented by the element water). In astrology, the elements are in the order of fire, earth, air, water. That was the year Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. Emotional contagion took over and people went ballistic over the results. The attack was completed on May 1, which adds 6 (5 for month of May and 1 for the day) to the 4 and makes a 10 or 1 day, a new start day. Many people specifically stated with Osama Bin Laden out of his leadership position, Al Qaeda was on the run. We shall see! And with OBL's Sun sign as a Pisces, placing his earth or physical body in Virgo, he certainly has served as the martyr for his beliefs. (The Piscean Age produced at its centerpiece the story of Jesus Christ the martyr).

This year of 2014 will produce even more polarization and we can already see that in the weather - freezing cold in parts of the US while still warm in other parts. This relates to the thinking of individuals who believed their planned trips would flow a certain way only to be thrown to the opposite pole of being stuck.

Other issues that will be on the front burner and relate to polarity include: undocumented vs documented people in America (undocumented is the politically correct term that replaces illegal alien) and inequality of money or rich versus poor people. Of course, there have been discussions of these topics, but we should see them even more emphasized in 2014 and we already know of how loud are the issues of Republicans vs. Democrats, Christians vs. Muslims, and I'm sure you can think of even more examples.

My suggestion is we all may want to keep a journal for this year and note how separateness comes to the forefront in our personal lives. This year offers a great opportunity for us to let go of old stuff and look forward to the new.

Most astrologers agree that the best way to learn astrology is to keep one's own journal and tie the transiting and progressed planets to events in one's life.

One thing I do is to go through my Timeline Report, which I have in RTF format rather than PDF. I note the day for those dates and then make notes on how the progressions and transits have affected me. If you order a Timeline Report, you can request RTF in place of PDF. Not every seller will accommodate new clients because one can change every word of a report, but regular clients trusted the by the astrologer are more likely to get the RTF (Rich Text Format). Even with a PDF format, one can print the pages and make their own notes.The point is to pay attention to how the progressions and transits affect your natal chart and your progressed charts and learn from this. .

As you learn what the various destiny numbers mean, look at the destiny years and try to correlate the information to the year.