Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine

I watched the entire event on KERA this morning. This was a BBC production and there were no commercials. In my opinion, the pagentry was fabulous. I thought the ceremony was beautiful and the words very meaningful.

Thankfully, this is a benign monarchy and not the old willful and terroristic type of monarchy that once prevailed in Great Britain. This is meaningful to some of us, myself included, since so many people (including ancestors) died to free us who are Americans of monarchy. It is interesting to observe how many Americans are in awe of monarchy now. I hope the influence they are under represents that of a non-political gallant celebration rather than monarchy as a desirable type of government. It is well to remember, Great Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy - the Royals handle pagentry and do not control policy. 

It was interesting to observe the facial expressions and body languages of the bride and groom. What I saw reflected what i have seen in their natal charts. Unfortunately, I don't see authenticity in the charts. I don't see a marriage for love. I do see two friends getting from the union something they each need.

In the chart, I see William forcing himself to marry in order to produce children. Also, he has a double-intercepted chart, with one of those interceptions in the 1st-7th House polarity. This means there is something behind the surface regarding the marriage. While I believe I know what it is, my preference is to not state what is the indication.

I see Catherine setting this marriage as a goal and allowing nothing to interfere. I would love to see her chart compared to her Grandmother Dorothy's chart.

In Piscean Age Astrology, Prince William's 7th House is ruled by the twin sign of Gemini. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and in his chart, Mercury is in Gemini. Often, a dual sign on the 7th House cusp indicates more than one marriage.

His MC, which is the end of the marriage, is Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, which overturns and, again, shows something behind the surface.

The are more interesting observations that come with delineating William's chart and comparing his chart to that of Catherine. The theme of the charts is "practicality and image come first."

As always, Time will Tell! 

Shuttle Launch delayed - I am thankful

The chart for today's launch gave me great concern. Thankfully, the launch has been delayed. Hopefully, the problem(s) will be resolved. As soon as we have another date and time, I will look at that chart.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding of 4-29-2011

I've viewed many comparisons of charts, but have never seen such negative energy as I see between Prince William and the wedding ceremony as well as between Kate Middleton and the wedding ceremony. It is obvious they 1) either did not have an Astrologer well-versed in Electional Astrology to help them set a date and time or 2) wanted to go forward with all these obstacles and the "power" theme.

I'm including the synestry grids that compare each of their natal charts with the chart of the wedding ceremony set for exact time of ceremony. Please note we do not have an exact time of birth for Kate Middleton. Therefore, her Ascendant, Mid-heaven, and (possibly) Moon may be well off the mark of what is shown.

With all the squares and oppositions, the wedding ceremony (date and time) is not positive for either person. This is interesting because so many royals in the past used Astrologers to set dates and times for important events. If Kate and William used an Astrologer, they needed a second opinion. If they did not seek advice of an Astrologer, they certainly are not the New Age people I would expect them to be when their marriage is touted as the "event of the Century." I can understand that most individuals would not seek an Electional Chart, but the Royals? I'm surprised by that! There are many excellent Astrolgoers in Great Britain.

We are not even explaining the meaning of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in Aries nor the exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter at 21 Aries. Also, we're not delineating the meaning of the Moon at 26 Pisces, which conjuncts Uranus in 6 months.

All this Aries energy relates to power - no doubt there will be enormous security on hand. Is "power" the theme one wants for a wedding? To each his own, I guess!

I know others see perfection in the relationship of Prince William and Kate. When I look at the comparison of one's natal chart to the other's, I don't see that perfection. There are positives, but also negatives or bumps.

Below are the images of the synestry charts. If you can't see them clearly, email me and I will email them to you as an attachment in PDF format.