Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seeing talent in a natal chart

Even without the exact time of a birth, one can look to Pluto to see what the individual is on this planet to fulfill (this is Aquarian Age Astrology - Piscean Age doesn't look at Pluto this way and, of course, it wasn't known or used in the astrologies of previous ages).

Today I was asked to look at the chart of a young man who has not been as good a worker as others have needed him to be. A fellow astrologer sent me the chart and immediately it was obvious that the individual's major talent is as a drummer (musician). I hope he is able to pursue this some day.

He will never be a great worker doing other tasks - he is simply too oriented toward music, art, sports, the easy life. Unfortuantely, that puts so much more work on people with whom he is engaged in tasks now, but sometimes we just have to deal with that.