Saturday, November 12, 2016

Building UP!

When one looks at a city in any state in the USA, one does NOT see ONLY one-story buildings. Instead, one sees what are called skyscrapers, which are buildings of multi-stories.

We can think of these buildings as similar to the chakras that have been known about and taught for thousands of years.

In each individual, there are 7 major chakras and some minor ones.

Some people live on the lowest chakra level and others transmute energies so that one lifts attention from one to another of the chakras in the quest to reach the highest level, which is the 7th major chakra. For example, one can transmute sexual energy to become more intelligent.

In the USA, we individuals are free to live as we wish. One may choose to remain on a certain chakra level or to work his or her way in an ascension.

The point is, each person is born with a destiny number and within that number one can act on the lowest level or one can act on the highest level or one can act somewhere between the two.

An example is Destiny #2. At the lowest level, one is very materialistic and wants all the material goods and benefits for the self. As one ascends, one begin to look more at sharing and at becoming a steward of material goods. Life is no longer just about the self but it becomes about the self within the group.

There have been four people in power in the USA who are Destiny #2 and who are friends. You can decide for yourself if they are on the lowest level of the destiny number or if they have reached a higher level.

The four people are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.

To determine your own destiny number, you simply add all the digits in your birthdate (month, day, year) and simplify that total to one number between 1 and 9.