Sunday, June 30, 2019

People are like chemistry

Alone, a person may be fine, but put them with one other person or even a group of people, and the negativity comes out. The individual’s tendency toward hatefulness, violence, and/or hurtfulness is increased. Only a lot of self-analysis and the strong will to no longer allow the self to fall to that level can change the journey. This may not be easy, especially the more karma one has accrued. With all that karma, one may just be born mean and have a greater challenge to overcome those natural tendencies. It is especially important that each of us looks at our own behavior when alone and when with certain people lest we become like destructive acids found in chemistry. We can easily become bound to another who doesn’t bring out the best in us. Do we blame them or do we pay attention to recognizing our behaviors and thoughts and move away from such negativity as quickly as possible. This can be a hard thing to do when family is involved, but maybe that is the primary karmic lesson of the lifetime. We don’t “have to” stay in bondage. It takes courage and will, but moving on can be accomplished. The best to the reader in your self-discovery and journey. I don’t say that enough, but I think it often.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Aspects:opposition to Sun

Any time one has an aspect that is an opposition to the Sun, that same Planet, Light (as in Moon), Asteroid, or Special Point is simultaneously conjunct to the Earth in the chart because the Earth is located in the exact opposite point from the Sun (same degree, minutes, seconds). Not all Astrologers and not all Astrology software programs use the Earth. For those of us who do, the Earth means what is happening in our earth lives. 

Just an observation about destiny numbers

In my many years of Astrology, i have noticed that people whose destiny numbers are lower than that of others will do anything they can to drag down the person with the higher destiny number. The individuals with the lower numbers don’t necessarily CONSCIOUSLY do this. They simply seen to have an innate feel for the fact someone else has worked their way farther along “The Path.”

What is even worse is that often the person with the higher number is totally unaware of what is going on. This is sad, but i see it happen.

It is possible for two people with lower numbers to try to destroy a third person whose number is double theirs as each is added together. Have seen this also.

It would be better for those lower number people to work on their own development, but sometimes they are just so unaware of the reality of themselves and they do no self-analysis that they think they r perfect as they are now. They never have read the phrase, “Man, know thyself.”

It can be very painful for the third person to deal with or put up with the attempts of destruction. This is especially true when it involved families, married couples, or employment situations. I never have seen this happen among close friends, since there is not the jealousy or envy involved. I have seen a lot of close friend pairings have the same destiny numbers.

By Destiny Number, i mean adding birth month to date to year and then transposing to a single digit.
For example, Pres Trump’s number or life path would be
6 + 14 + 1946 for a total of 1966 and those digits added together are 22 which brought to one digit by adding the 2 + 2 is a 4.

Others, including alleged professional numerologists, may have other names for this method, but i personally have seen it as the “Destiny Number” for many decades.
There are also methods for determining the name number (using the numbers ascribed to the alphabet letters) or soul number (using vowels). Check the Internet or a good book on Numerology for more info.

Just saying pay attention and be aware of motives of people who “have your best interest at heart,” esp when relationships with these people are toxic to you! We all need positive relationships and not poisonous, destructive ones! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Importance of specific data!

Was E Jean Carroll raped by Donald Trump sometime in 1993 in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman store in NYC?

If we had accurate birth data and the date of the alleged attack, we should know. Interesting how Ms Carroll never gives a specific date or even a month for the alleged attack and i had to go through a lot of stories to find that she says it was 1993 (article in Esquire magazine) when normally she says in the 1990s.

For a rape to have occurred, we could do progressed natal charts to the date of the alleged attack. I think there would have to be strong aspects between the two charts, with a square or opposition at zero degrees zero minutes.

We have the president’s birth data. We have her date and place of birth, but no time. That isn’t good enough. We must have an accurate time of her birth, although i do think from her looks she may have a Sag Ascendant meaning she was born around 6 AM on that date. And, we need the date of the alleged attack. That it happened sometime that year doesn’t work.

Trump is a 4 Destiny number (a force to be reckoned with) and she is a 5 (concrete knowledge with insight into human behavior). We start with destiny numbers! That is how natal planets, progressions, and transits affect us.

Maybe at some future time, we will have more specific info and can do charts and a delineation.