Saturday, November 12, 2016

Building UP!

When one looks at a city in any state in the USA, one does NOT see ONLY one-story buildings. Instead, one sees what are called skyscrapers, which are buildings of multi-stories.

We can think of these buildings as similar to the chakras that have been known about and taught for thousands of years.

In each individual, there are 7 major chakras and some minor ones.

Some people live on the lowest chakra level and others transmute energies so that one lifts attention from one to another of the chakras in the quest to reach the highest level, which is the 7th major chakra. For example, one can transmute sexual energy to become more intelligent.

In the USA, we individuals are free to live as we wish. One may choose to remain on a certain chakra level or to work his or her way in an ascension.

The point is, each person is born with a destiny number and within that number one can act on the lowest level or one can act on the highest level or one can act somewhere between the two.

An example is Destiny #2. At the lowest level, one is very materialistic and wants all the material goods and benefits for the self. As one ascends, one begin to look more at sharing and at becoming a steward of material goods. Life is no longer just about the self but it becomes about the self within the group.

There have been four people in power in the USA who are Destiny #2 and who are friends. You can decide for yourself if they are on the lowest level of the destiny number or if they have reached a higher level.

The four people are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton.

To determine your own destiny number, you simply add all the digits in your birthdate (month, day, year) and simplify that total to one number between 1 and 9.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Destiny Numbers

Do DESTINY NUMBERS matter? Isn't it interesting that four people have Destiny Numbers of "2" - Pres. Obama, his wife Michelle, Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary.
A "2" person is totally focused on material benefits and not on how they get those benefits.
Why can't Pres. Obama and Vladimir Putin get along and we are now back to the 1950s Cold War status?
Because Putin's Destiny Number is "7" and that is NOT somebody after material benefits. A "7" is focused on principles and ideals, even if they are NOT the ones Americans would like. They focus on both sides of an issue and how broken something can be (as in the Break-up of the USSR).

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sibling Perspectives

Is it possible for siblings in a family to have very different perspectives and memories of the events of their childhoods? Absolutely.

Each of us perceives life through one's own natal chart and how we deal with that natal chart as it becomes progressed over the years plus the energies show up in the return charts.

Siblings, even identical twins (who will be born a few minutes apart), will not have the same natal charts.

In siblings other than identical twins, very often the moon has moved a long distance in the later child from where it was in the previous child and this pattern repeats for all the siblings. This means the Lunar Nodes also have moved.

The closer planets, such as Mercury and Venus, also may be far in distance as could be the other light, the Sun.

As to identical twins born minutes apart, the degrees on the house cusps and on the closer planets (Character BuildersTM) of the BrainTrainTMwill have changed and, since in our astrology, we use minutes and seconds in determining charts, there can be a great difference in personalities, Karma, life missions, etc., of these twins.

It is possible for one sibling to see enormous violence and abuse in the home of his or her childhood while another sibling does not have a memory of that experience at all.

The point is to NOT try to force one's own experience or "chart design" on another and to give each individual the freedom of his or her own perspective. Unfortunately, that sometimes is not done in families when one sibling will INSIST his or her memory is correct and all others are inferior or downright wrong. It is important to look at all the sibling's charts when there is such an insistence.

Also, the destiny numbers can make for a major difference in one's life pattern.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

There is so much to say about this presidential election, but for now, I shall mention only the destiny number of each of these two candidates.

Trump's Destiny Number is 1, which means everything is always about him - he takes things VERY personally! (1 is cardinal fire, which we now call Apt to be Smart - the mental labeling). He is right that he believes he can fix the problems of the USA.

Hillary's Destiny Number is 2, which means her life is always about material benefits and cold hard cash (2 is fixed earth, which we now call Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) EZ Elephant). She will always seek more material benefits.

New Domain Name

Decades ago I began doing research into the Aquarian Age Astrology and established a website regarding that. As time progressed, I realized I was moving into the astrologies of future ages. I will be explaining all of this in a future book.

Yesterday, I ordered the domain name http://AllAgesAstrology and that domain name automatically transfers to the Aquarian Age website (http://AquarianAgeAstrology) where there is a page for AllAgesAstrology.

That new page doesn't include much info now, since we will be presenting information in the future in book format.

9-11 A Couple of Thoughts

Of course, the event was a horrible tragedy.

First, since I do a lot of research, my thinking is that everyone on an airplane that crashed and died together must have some point in their natal charts that are the same. I'm not a believer in random.

So, I have started collecting the birth data of the people on Flight 93, that crashed in Pennsylvania. The times are NOT a piece I can locate, but I am locating dates and places of birth.

This means I won't have the house info with the Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven, or Nadir (IC) OR the Arabian Parts that depend upon house info. My research into those natal charts of individuals may be flawed, but I'll give it a try with what is available.

Second, it is interesting to me that the Destiny Number of each flight can be calculated and they four flights are 2, 3, 4, and 5. That is too much of a coincidence for me.

As I discover more, I will place the info in my books I'm writing binder. The progressed chart for the U.S. Constitution (which is what I use for the birth of the country - I do NOT use the July 4, 1776 as the birth - to me that is the start of the labor pains, since the country did NOT become a legitimate entity until the Constitution was ratified) - that progressed natal chart as well as the transits for 9-11 certainly show the event.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Training in the Future

Once all of the BrainTrainTM seats and seat-parts and sub-parts are explained for what they hold, people who want to become great at something will be able to do so very easily.

For example, say you want to become a great jazz pianist - to do this you can put on virtual reality gear and move right into the place of that greatness. For example, if one is sitting at the piano, the virtual reality will take you to that precise seat, seat-part and sub-part of the seat-part and this is where jazz piano greatness is found. At that place a great jazz pianist of the past, such as Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum or another, (using virtual reality) places his fingers over the tranee's fingers and showing how to create those chords and melodies.

This will be true in carpentry, car repair (where listening is a major function), culinary arts, and every other skill.

That day is coming - this will result in humans changing their perspectives on the idea of "God-given talent" since Astrology is God-Given and eventually we will find EVERYTHING in the BrainTrainTM.

In the "Astrologies of All Ages," we move forward in consciousness from the animal Zodiac and replace that with the BrainTrainTM.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blog in October

Frustrating trying to log in to this blog, but finally in. It has been months since I blogged about Astrology here. That is because I've been posting so often on my personal Facebook wall.

However, I want to change that and begin posting here rather than on FB.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seeing talent in a natal chart

Even without the exact time of a birth, one can look to Pluto to see what the individual is on this planet to fulfill (this is Aquarian Age Astrology - Piscean Age doesn't look at Pluto this way and, of course, it wasn't known or used in the astrologies of previous ages).

Today I was asked to look at the chart of a young man who has not been as good a worker as others have needed him to be. A fellow astrologer sent me the chart and immediately it was obvious that the individual's major talent is as a drummer (musician). I hope he is able to pursue this some day.

He will never be a great worker doing other tasks - he is simply too oriented toward music, art, sports, the easy life. Unfortuantely, that puts so much more work on people with whom he is engaged in tasks now, but sometimes we just have to deal with that. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Piscean Age Astrology:

Asc is 6 Leo 23 with Sun in House 7 at 18 Aq 40. MH is 25 AR 41 and that makes IC 25 LI 41.

If we look at the "end," we go to that 4th House, which is the same as the IC. We look at the ruler, which is Venus, at 18 Cap 41 in House 6 - does this mean injury since it is House 6?

What is the moon doing? 10 Aq 51 in House 7. So, the masses of people want something new and new would be Cam Newton, since the Broncos quarterback has been around awhile.

Will write more later

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 - A 9 year

In astrology, the number 9 WAS called mutable fire and for our program it is Scrap Smarts, featuring the Scrap Twins, ScrapBag and ScrapBook. This will be a year of people letting go of old beliefs and accepting new ones. It also will be a year of things turning to ashes.

The Paris Attacks

There was no doubt that on Nov. 13, 2013 that there would be a big attack somewhere. The problem in looking at the transits was WHERE. Without a place designated, it is useless to try any type of alert or warning. Plus, it would be unlikely that even with date, time, place exact with a very specific warning, that authorities would take advantage of the knowledge.

So, we keep studying the sky for more definite info.