Thursday, June 18, 2020

A new country

I can say using Masters Aq Age Astrology that today there r ppl writing a new Constitution for a new country. The next step will be revealing it. That will be based on the position of Vulcan, which sparks
(See the statue of Vulcan in Birmingham, AL for all those sparks. Sparks r ideas one gets in one’s head that leads one to something, just as Spark Plugs in cars fire up the car for movement when there is a fuel and air mixture to explode, sending the piston upward and causing the drive shaft to move.

Most Astrologers don’t use Vulcan in a chart. I sure do. I think it gives us a lot of info! Vulcan when the US Constitution was ratified was in Gemini, the sign of Brotherhood-Civil War-and now racial disharmony! 

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