Thursday, August 1, 2019

Importance of using correct info

I have been analyzing charts of people who have committed suicide and decided to see what other astrologers say. There truly are some dingbat people doing astrology.
I wont say who, but I wanted a different perspective on Robin Williams suicide and found a real dingbat!

Robin Williams had an incurable health issue that would deteriorate (Lewy Bodies, similar to Parkinson’s). He killed himself as a result of depression over this. His wife’s opinion matters because she lived with him and watched him move into a depressed state.

The point of this blog is: that dingbat astrologer used Daylight Savings Time for his birth in 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.

The problem is, in Chicago, DST didn't begin to be used until 1961, a full decade after RW was born, so his natal chart should  be set up for Central Standard Time. Using Daylight Savings Time totally throws off the chart houses and extra points. This is important because for death, we look at the 8th House, which for RW was Gemini on the cusp. In Pisces Age Astrology, Gemini is ruled by Mercury. When we progress the CORRECT NATAL CHART to the day he committed suicide, we see progressed Mars exactly conjunct his Mercury and both (obviously-it is a conjunction) are exactly conjunct the MC in the CORRECT NATAL CHART! The MC is the polarity of the 4th House or IC, also known as “the end of life.” There is more in his chart, but I won’t go into that since the point of this blog is to always use accurate info!

That Mars/Mercury on the MC-IC pole would not show in the inaccurate natal chart based on Daylight Savings Time. It always is best to have accurate info.

Yes, it takes a little more time to be accurate, but, for some of us, why even bother with inaccuracy, plus one loses the respect of astrologers who insist on accuracy and without it, one may be giving out wrong or incomplete info. Enough said!