Friday, December 8, 2017

End if America

Observant people can see this now. The trigger was Pres Trump's giving all of Jerusalem to the Israelis.

When the British Balfour Agreement was created in the early 1900s,  West Jerusdlem would become the capitsl of Israel and East Jerusalem would become the capital of Palestine.

After the horror of the Holocaust, it was natural in 1946 for people to want the Jews to have a homeland. Libya even offered land. But, the Jewish Zionists wanted the land the Palestinians lived on. It had been where Solomon's Temple was back almost 600 years before the Christisn era began. So much for time.

The Brits got the US involved and the US Congress told Pres Truman to stay out of that issue. He didn't, of course. You can see in his chsrt what a mass-murderer he was. He loved conflict. He went right on the radio in 1948 and recognized Israel as a new nation. What happened? The bulldozers went toward the homes of Palestinians who were told they had 10 minutes to take what they wanted and get out. Homes were bulldozed to the ground. The land was stolen from the Palestinians and they were put into fenced-in camps.

Some of us have thought that theft was wrong, but there was a peace-process in effect with the US trying to broker talks. The Israelis refused to settle for peace as they used live ammo to fire on rock-throwing children snd adults.

In 1967, the Isrselis, backed by the US and Britain, attacked Egypt, which fought vack. Other Arab nations fought Israel, but they had no chance to win what was called the 6-day war. Because of thst war, with the Israelis clsiming they were attacked first, Israel took East Jerusslem snd Gaza. Israeli settlers began destroying anything Palestinisn as they built homes for themselves.

So we come to Wednesdsy, with Trump fulfilling his promise to Fundsmentalist Christians who were radicalized by the Scofield interpretstion of the Bible so they believe God granted special favor to the Jews of Israel (the King James Bible gives favor to the son of Abrahsm, not to the nation of Israel, but people like having others thinknthey have the favor of God, so they have allowed that misinterpretetion to exist).

In Aquarian Age Astrology, the planets are called Character Builders and Pluto is the fulfillment of one's dedtiny or purpose. In the chart I use for the UasA (based on ratification of the Constitution that made this a soverign nation and not on what I see as labor pains of July 4, 1776) Pluto, the cup of fullment, is at 17 aquarius. So, when transit Pluto teaches that place again, the destiny of the USA is finished. At that point, in my opinion, a different country will be on its way to power.

When the chart I ise for the USA was progressed to Wednesday, we have the Progressed Sun exactly conjunct Natal Pluto, which means observant people could see the end of the USA.

On Twitter, many, many people Tweeted Pres Trump's announcement marked the end of America. That is what I see.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Looking at astrological charts for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle- lots of square aspects which means enormous work to overcome how different they truly are. On the surface, people think they are so much alike and will be so happy together, but the chart details don't show that. 

Harry doesn't yet seem to be dealing psychologically with his rebelliousness and this engagement seems to be another step along that journey. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 8-21-17 and Pres Trump

Every year there are a couple of eclipses that show in an ephemeris and on various government astronomy bulletins. We use them when analyzing charts. Eclipses can be solar or lunar and Total or Partial or even Hybrid.

I still have my book published by the government of all eclipses and their paths in the 1900s. Now, with the Internet, it is easy to simply check out websites.

On Monday, this is just another Total Solar Eclipse and they happen all the time. What is different? The path of the umbra and pre umbra goes all the way across the contiguous USA, although it does not go across Washington, DC.

With each event, the Sun is located at a specific degree and minute of the Piscean Age Zodiac.

Monday's Total Solar eclipse, which is less than 3 minutes in duration, occurs at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo.

Astrologers have been watching this upcoming event because it conjuncts Pres Trump's Ascendant at 29 degrees 58 minutes.

It is the Energy of the Sun  or "big guy, most highly elevated" in the country cut off by the Moon or the people. I personally think we can see that happening already, a bit since inauguration, but heavily since the Charlottsville, VA event.

There are some who believe the president will be assassinated and one Missouri (the show me state) Democratic legislator said the other day she hopes he is. She since has taken down her words from Facebook and apologized, especially after the Secret Service officials talked to her. She had said she would never apologize, but I think the threat of prison plus both Dens and Republicans heavily criticizing her helped her change her mind about the apology.

The eclipses occur in what are known as Saros Cycles, which happen in intervals of years. This one is SC 145 and included a total Solar Eclipse shortly before the nukes were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, then in July, 1963, months before JFK was assassinated on Nov 22 that year.

The Sun in that eclipse was at 27 degrees of Cancer 26 minutes. In JFK's birth Saturn was at 27 degrees 9 minutes. Saturn was located less than 4 degrees from the MC in that birth chart. In Aquarian Age Astrology, the Tenth house is what comes to ground to be buried.

While some see an assassination attempt of Pres Trump with tomorrow's eclipse, others do not. I already see what is happening as people try to remove the president from office and, as with everything, the build-up is there and as soon as the eclipse happens, all that energy is depleted, so things continue. Obviously, to me, i think this has been a horrible last week for the president. So, i am not seeing his assassination, despite what some people want to happen.

I am curious as to why more people have not made viewing boxes for the event. I will be watching NASA's live streaming so I don't have to go outside in the Texas heat.

I do still have photos of an eclipse i watched years ago. But, not on this phone, so will post two viewing methods other than glasses.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

12th Step, the 6th of 6

In Aquarian Age Astrology, we use 13 Steps forveach System. The 13th Step is actually the last half of the 1st Step.

If you follow the Actions Apt, Tie-and-Wrap, and the Scrap Twins order combined with the Elements Quick, Smart, EZ, and Aware you see that 6 is Scrap EZ or in Piscean Age Astrology mutable eart. This is earthquakes and events happening on the physical level that shake the world (as in 1860s War Between the States aka Civil War and 1960s Vietnam War and massive protests).

If we count forward from 6 to 12, we can see we have moved 6 steps. This means that a planet like IronMan Jumper Pumper (Uranus) in the 12th step of the muscke system we can Muscle Hustle, would bring on some violence. Did it? If you call what happened at Charlottsville, Va on Aug 12, 2017 (a 3 day and this is mutable air) violent, you are getting the picture.

There is much more to this, as in why that location, but enough to ponder today. 


It is interesring that people believe citizens in the USA can come together and get past the racial divisions and other strifes.

They think that because they don't know numerology. When you havevthese 7s in a founding, you have separation. That is what 7 is. So 1776 means something. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Did Thomas Jefferson really write the Declaration of Independence?

This was something I posted on Facebook this morning:

Well, this is very odd to me - the news had all these myths about Thomas Jefferson and I was thinking, "Too bad these people don't study HISTORY via actual documentation instead of just believing what is told to them, which may or may not be true."
In the past couple of days I was curious about this phrase "pursuit of happiness" that Jefferson allegedly added to the Declaration of Independent, replacing the word he previously had allegedly written - "property." To me, this pursuit of happiness is pretty much what has ruined this country and it would have to show up in TJ's natal chart and progressed and solar arcs via Jupiter.
So I FOR THE FIRST TIME cast his natal chart and the progressed and solar arc charts to the day the Continental Congress actually voted for independence from Britain, which was July 2, 1776 (and the Rev. War had been on for a year at that point).
Jefferson's natal chart does NOT show he wrote the Dec. of Indep. It shows he was a great speaker, but writing talent is just not there!
Of course, his lecherous behavior is there - at 30, he takes his 14-year-old slave girl to Paris with him - she has 6 children by him (for this reason, I've never been a big fan of Jefferson's - all his talk about equality while he owns slaves - that is hypocrisy to me).
Anyway, I thought, well, he must have written a lot of other books or manuscripts. Boy, was I wrong. He wrote letters, which pretty much everyone back then did, and his ONLY other actual lengthy writing was the Parliamentary Procedures Manual for the Senate in 1812. I haven't run Prog and Solar Arc charts for then to see what is there for 1812, but his NATAL CHART does NOT show he was a writer!
Because of his speaking talent, he was chosen to write the DOI, but then a group of 5 members of the Continental Congress edited the document for presentation to the entire Continental Congress and it was that edited version that was voted on July 2, 1776 (John Adams told his wife that July 2 would become a famous holiday and yet it was July 4 that did and hardly anyone even thinks of July 2).
What IS in TJ's natal chart is his ability to invent things and he was known as an inventor with helpful gadgets at his home, Monticello. Obsession with sex is there. Giving people bossy orders is there. His love of the good life is there. Mastering architecture and structure of buildings and a farm is there. Revealing his idea that happiness is the plan of God is there (not all of us agree with that - I happen to think responsibility is stronger, but that is opinion and Saturn in my chart is much stronger than Jupiter), taking credit for what others have done is there. Writing a long and important document like the DOI is just NOT there!
Could we have been fooled all these years? We have been about George Washington and the myth of the cherry tree not to mention the truth that came out when that non-fiction book was published in the 1960s that had Xerox copies of his financial accounts (expense reports) as held by the Library of Congress (showing he spend a LOT more money on expenses than he would have received had he chosen to go for a salary instead of "just pay my expenses" when elected president).
So, I'm truly surprised and glad I never analyzed the natal chart before. Hue-man nature being what it is, at this age, I'm far more able to just accept the place hue-mans stand in according to the oldest religion on the planet, Astrology. Ain't pretty and there are some who are honest, etc., but most are totally controlled by their emotions, not rational thinking. And Thomas Jefferson was one of those (Moon in Cancer, even without the exact time of birth).

Monday, July 3, 2017

Missing 13-year-old

The other day I was at my Daughter-in-Law's and Son's house and we were talking astrology. My DIL said, "Why don't you find that missing girl."

The child to whom she was referring was Shavon Randle, a young teen who lived in Lancaster, TX (Suburb of Dallas) and who was kidnapped from her home on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. She was last seen at 7 am and had turned 13 just 6 days before she was taken.

After the kidnapping, the family stated they received a telephone call from the kidnapper who stated he had the girl. According to news, the family said he didn't mention a ransom.

An Amber alert was announced for her and the FBI was brought into the case.

After I was home on June 30, I did a Horary Chart and will add the chart and grid. It was obvious to me, and depressing, that the girl was dead and that a close relative was involved. I put the chart aside and said nothing about it - the family would want to keep their hope alive as long as possible.

Over the weekend on July 2 the body of Shavon was found in an abandoned house in the 2200 block of Kiest Avenue in the Oak Cliff part of Dallas. With her was the body of an unidentified male, later identified as 19-year-old Michael Titus, one of the 4 people originally identified as a person of interest in the case.

There had been four people who were persons of interest and police had been able to secure two of them (Polley and Owens) and question them. How the police connected to the Oak Cliff house has not been announced at this time.

The four "persons of interest" were Titus, 19 and of Dallas, Devontae Owens (now arrested for the kidnapping), 24 and of Dallas,  Darius Fields, 26 and of Glenn Heights (Dallas suburb), and a female, Laporsha Polley 25, of Dallas. She is the close relative of Shavon's.

The story now is that Laporsha's boyfriend, named Kendall Perkins (now arrested for robbery) was involved in the theft of drugs from Fields and Owens at a Motel 6 in Lancaster and it was Fields and Owens who kidnapped Shavon in hopes of getting back their drugs.

Perkins, 22, was arrested Saturday and charged.

According to an FBI agent, an informant told them that a man (later identified as Owens) told her (the informant) that he planned to kidnap a child to get back the stolen drugs. Also, police had cellphone information that placed Owens near Shavon's home on the morning of the kidnapping and that Owen's phone and Shavon's phone were seen heading off in the same direction until Shavon's phone was turned off.

Fields and Polley were arrested by Irving Police Thursday (day after the kidnapping) at a Best Western hotel in Irving (another suburb of Dallas) and when police entered the hotel room they found Polley trying to flush marijuana down the toilet. Also, ammo, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and other over-the-counter drugs were found in the hotel room and a car (Honda) outside the room contained an AK-47 pistol.

Both Polley and Fields remained in the Irving Jail Sunday night. She was charged with tampering with evidence and drug possession and bail set at $600,500. Fields was charged with drug possession and unlawful possession of a firearm with bail set at $100,000. In 2012 Fields had been convicted of theft in Tarrant County (the county adjacent to Dallas County and to the west of Dallas County).

On Saturday, Lancaster police and FBI arrested Owens and somebody named Laquon Wilkerson. Owens has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and Wilkerson (30) is facing a charge of aggravated kidnapping for ransom or reward.

Both are in the Dallas County jail and bail has been set at $500,000 for each of them.

So 3 of the 4 "persons of interest" have been arrested and one of the 4 is dead, plus 2 other people have been arrested (Perkins and Wilkerson). So far, there has been nothing announced regarding who actually murdered Shavon and Titus, whose bodies were found in the house in Oak Cliff. It is thought that Titus may have given police information, but nothing announced on when and where or what info.

Here is the Horary chart and grid calculated using Solar Fire 9.01 (and I use Aquarian Age Astrology with the Asteroids. Solar Fire adds the asteroids by both symbol as well as by number and you can identify them by the fact you have both at the exact same degree and minutes. The little symbol that looks like a very short staircase is for the asteroid ISIS.

Hopefully, you can click on the chart and print it so you can see it enlarged.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE mentioned on the CBS local news in the Dallas area of Texas (I am in Ferris, 35 miles south of Dallas).
Yes, on Aug. 21 the eclipse will move across the USA and we will be able it at 1:30:06 here for exactness (eclipses are always listed at Universal Time, which is 6:30:06 and UT is 5 hours ahead of us). Of course, the time will be prior to exactitude as the Moon nears the Sun and, obviously, the time will be after exactitude as the Moon leaves the Sun.
Astrologically, the Sun is at 28 degrees of Leo and 52 minutes, so when the Moon eclipses the Sun, it also will be at that same position of the SIGNS (NOT constellations - Astrology in Europe and the USA uses signs, called Tropical Zodiac and Asia uses Constellations, called Sidereal positions).
We use eclipses as they transit natal, progressed, and solar arc charts, as well as in return charts (a solar eclipse shows what energy is being cut off by the moon).

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jeff Bezos's Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Huge Amazon buy - but nobody should be surprised - the astrological chart of Jeff Bezos shows from his age of about 8 he has enjoyed a goal of being the #1 retailer in the world and he is challenging Wal-mart now on the hard building front with Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods.

He says he wants to change the way people grocery shop.

I've shopped in the past at Whole Foods (the store in Dallas USED to be the ONLY place to find raw sunflower seeds that were unaltered with salt, etc.). Most shoppers are higher income people and are willing to pay a LOT more for organic foods.

At this point, I'm not sure Bezos's purchase is going to run mainstream grocery stores and Wal-mart out of the food biz.

BTW, the Magi chart used is for the re-incorporation that was done in Delaware - that is NOT the full history of the company. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pres. Trump's Astro-Locality Map

Yesterday, I couldn't get the color map to load, so will try today with black and white map.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Astro-Locality Map for Pres. Donald Trump

Am trying to figure out this Solar Fire 9.0 Gold astrology software in terms of creating a Johndro Chart for anytime we don't have an exact time of birth (for example, Margaret Mitchell) and so far, haven't figured  out how to do it - this is a VERY complicated program.

While doing that decided to look at Donald Trump's Astro-Locality Map and it is so interesting - see that Mars Ascending line very close to Korea and the Mars Descending line right through D.C. - in his natal chart Mars is in the 12th House - this means he will LOSE himself and his reputation as president and playing his games with Kim Jon-ung!

I'll post the map (these are very helpful in showing what energies are strongest where one lives or moves to or visits) Sorry, map didn't post!

Mueller Investigating President Trump

Piscean Age Astrology -

Posting Pres. Trump's quad astrological chart - this is natal chart in center, next ring is Progressed to today, next ring is Solar Arc to today and outside ring are the transits. It was calculated using Solar Fire and I'm really getting used to this program after decades with Matrix. I love how easy and fast it is to do charts and add progressed, solar arc and other types of calculations.

Even Astrology 101 students using Piscean Age Astrology should be able to see the announcement today of the investigation for obstruction of justice (look at the Transit Saturn within one degree of the Solar Arc Jupiter).

And how does this go? Look at 4 houses from the 5th House and you get to the 7th House with that big old Neptune sitting there, so NOTHING will be definite about this - the investigation itself will have a lot of delusion in it. Comments are welcome on the Uranus ruler of the 7th House.

Also, interesting that Pres. Trump's progressed Sun and Solar Arc Sun (they always will be the same degree and minute) are at zero degrees of Virgo, so he and his administration have entered the MARTYR phase for the next 30 years (30 years for POTUS and the phase will be only for the rest of his administration). And wasn't the shooting at Republicans this morning an example of that!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Rumored death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

I've been studying the natal, progressed, solar arc, and current transit astrological charts for the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Here is what I'm seeing:

Yes, the coalition forces came close to killing him in this most recent attack, but they didn't. However, he is ok with letting the world believe he is dead as he goes into hiding for the next 9 months.

His wife was injured in the attack - a chest injury and Al-Baghdadi is more angry than ever with the U.S. and Christianity.

While in hiding, he will be planning a huge attack on Washington, D.C. for March, 2018, the Islam New Year.

I am just NOT seeing in these charts that he died, even though the Syrians are saying he did.

This attack by the U.S. led coalition has made him realize he must fulfill his destiny of destroying both the U.S. and Christianity so that the Islamic Caliphate can rule the world, with him as Caliph.

We have a date, time of birth, and place of birth for him, so if this is correct, that is what is in the chart. However, how do we know this is correct data? He always has been secretive about his background.

There is a $25 MILLION bounty on his head placed there by the U.S. government, so obviously he is NOT fond of anything about this country.

I had watched a documentary on Islam that said the new year is in March, BUT there are various websites that indicate the new year is in September. I've contacted a Muslim friend of mine to see if perhaps Sunni and Shia Muslims celebrate different new year dates.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

London Terrorist Attack at Bridge and nearby

Piscean Age Astrology - Was expecting something to happen today with Transiting Venus conjuncting that violent Uranus in Aries, but wasnt's sure where the event would take place and sure wasn't looking at the chart for the London Bridge.

That natal chart for the inauguration of the bridge in 1894 has a Libra Ascendant and Libra is ruled by Venus, so not surprised at all by this terrorist attack, but still horrible!

Some day there will be a computer powerful enough to hold the natal charts of every place on the planet, every tourist attract, every government, and every individual, and we'll be able to see ahead of time what is the possibility!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Purpose of the U.S.A. fulfilled

April 1st, 2034, Transit Pluto will conjunct the Pluto in the natal astrological chart of the U.S. Constitution (June 21, 1788). It is that Constitution ratification in Exeter, New Hampshire that made this an official country. That fulfillment in 2034 will mark the end of the USA as a Superpower.

All countries experience an up to the peak of energy and influence and then a down.

Greece was on top, then NOT.

Italy was on top, then not,

Britain, Spain, France, EVERY European country went through this.

Pluto marks the fulfillment of the mission or purpose or destiny of a country and for the USA, Pluto was at 17 degrees 49 minutes, which was occupying the vision of the Nervous System (and hasn't Hollywood fulfilled this very specifically).

The USA will never again be what it was. Another country will be on its way to the peak.

America as a Superpower will be ending and I think most intelligent people can now see the constant deterioration of the country, especially considering law and order.

Economically, militarily, families as the basis of existence, educationally - in EVERY aspect of the country, the USA's mission has already been fulfilled at the peak and it is on its way down!

From the time when I was young and started studying Astrology, I saw this coming and it has been awful to be aware of it!

BTW, Pluto in an individual's natal chart shows one's destiny or purpose of one's life.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Pluto is known as "Grandpa Tumbles Wash & Dry." and Aquarius is the Nervous System (our sensory system that allows us to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel by touch).

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Uranus and War

Tried to post this earlier to this blog, but it automatically posted to my personal opinion blog, so this is a duplicate of the posting there - so much craziness on the Internet these days.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Uranus rules Life and Death and note, this is NOT Piscean Age Astrology.

When we look at Uranus in Aries in the Pre-America and American History and consider how much violence is in the world right now and how close the U.S. is to a coming war some are calling World War III, we view the years when Uranus was in Aries. It travels through all the 12 SYSTEMS (Piscean Age is Signs) every 84 years.

Therefore, 2017 is violence and we are close to war with N. Korea.

84 years ago was 1939, when we see the rise of NAZI Germany and just 2 years before the U.S. enters World War II in December, 1941.

84 years before 1939 was 1855, just 6 years before the Civil War in the U.S. This war also was known as the War of Rebellion, the War of Northern Aggression, and the War Between the States.

84 years before 1855 was 1771, just 5 years before the start of the American Revolution against Britain.

84 years before 1771 is 1687, just 2 years before King William's War in Pre-America begins.

84 years before 1687 is 1603 just 4 years before Jamestown was founded and, of course, Roanoke Colony already had been founded in 1587 and then discovered to be deserted in 1590.

it appears obvious that Uranus that we call "Iron Man Jumper Pumper" (c) in Aquarian Age Astrology in the Muscle System, we call "Muscle Hustle" (c) in the new astrology emphasizes enormous conflict and the muscle system does work by conflict.