Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Works in Progress

Work in Progress or WIP is a term typically used in lawfirms to mean something in an ongoing project. I use the term often to track ongoing versus completed projects. I am trying to finish all filing and collating as my Astrological research so that my WIPs are three: 1) writing the AA book and the MasterPoints on various topics (I want to get everything published in 2011 and 2012), 2) speaking and doing consultations, and 3) working on charts for missing children and adults. I KNOW in our Astrological charts are ALL the answers. We just don't know how to dig them out and read them YET. That day is coming. In the meantime, I search and research to find where those children and adults are now - either living or their remains. Last night I watched a documentary "Gray Matter" about the precious 700 children that were murdered in Vienna, Austria during the Nazi control (World War II). Also on the documentary were survivors of those awful days during which doctors tortured children in order to study their behavior. It appeared that most of the children and teens who were murdered were born with various differences from the norm. One child had epilepsy. Apparently, the doctor who headed this unspeakable action was never tried and convicted for the deaths and, in fact, continued to research the brains until the late 1990s. The documentary was filmed in 2002. A mass funeral was held at that time so that the brains of the children could be buried. Photographs of the children (with their names) were held up by citizens to show these sweet little faces that were so brutally murdered. Today, my head is still reeling and my heart is so heavy. I do know that the Aquarian Age Astrology will bring much Light to many areas of darkness. These atrocities should never again be allowed to happen. Already I was upset about the failure of relatives to intervene and help two young boys in Colorado. A newscast a couple of days ago showed pics of the two boys who were last seen years ago. They had been adopted by a couple and, apparently, the adults had received financial aid for the kids. When the couple moved to Texas years ago, they didn't bring the children. They allegedly said the boys ran away. The man and woman have been arrested in Texas. The newsperson read from police reports of interviews with relatives in which the relatives stated the boys were beaten and abused, starved, kept in a box, etc. The newsperson asked the same question as I want to know - What were these relatives thinking when they SAW this happening and didn't go to the police? All these years the two boys have been missing and nobody was searching for them! This should not happen ANYWHERE, but especially in America. I continue to work on various missing persons cases - not for money. In fact, the families don't even know I'm trying to find the answers to the locations of their loved ones by using Astrological charts. I simply know all the answers are in the charts and want to mine them so there can be a small bit of peace in the hearts of the families. Thankfully, there are other Astrologers working on these cases. Someday we will have resolutions.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am starting a newsletter called The Aquarian Age Sun. It will feature Aquarian Age Astrology. Anyone interested in receiving can email me at Lee@AquarianAgeAstrology.com and request to be on the mailing list. We will be happy to have you.