Friday, March 14, 2014

A Boeing 777 landing on the sand? Not necessary!

Someone asked me how a large plane like a Boeing Triple 7 could land on sandy ground at the coordinates i gave. There is a highway 10 there. That would easily give the one mile of necessary landing surface and the plane could be turned off that highway onto a less than 200-feet concrete side road and camouflaged.

It is interesting that in Aquarian Age Astrology, the 10th step is bringing something to ground, so with the destiny number for the chart at an 8, it doesn't surprise me that the landing could be on a road numbered 10.

map Pointers to location of Malaysia flight 370

On the previous posting, you can see both the Astro-Carto-Graphy map and the Local Space map. On the Astro-Carto-Graphy map, the Jupiter and Uranus lines conjunct at 189.3 miles south of Riydha, Saudi Arabia, and this is 046E43 10 by 24N39 49. The Local Space map has Mars line crossing that position. Therefore, I think the plane is there. This doesn't make sense to me because Saudi is suppose to be friendly to the West, even though some of the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center in NYC on 9-11-2001 were from Saudi. It would make more sense to me for the plane to be in Yemen, since it is the home of many terrorists and the country's government is NOT friendly to the West.

I know the answers are in the chart. I wish the maps included lines for the Asteroids, the East and West Points, the Vertex, and Anti-Vertex, the Arabian Parts, and Midpoints (potential for all and astrologer selects which lines). Maybe someday there will be a software program that will show that.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malaysia Airline Flight 370 Missing

All Aquarian Age System names and Character Builder names are copyrighted and trademarked and may not be used without express permission by the creator.

At the end of the text portion, I will post the natal chart for the flight as well as the Astro-Carto-Graphy map and the Local Space map.

This post will be difficult for most people to understand, including astrologers. That is because I am using both Piscean Age and Aquarian Age astrologies to look at the chart. To keep from getting too confused, if you are a Piscean Age Astrologer, you may want to print this and highlight Piscean Age each time you see it mentioned. If you are new to astrology, you may prefer to highlight Aquarian Age.

Aquarian Age does NOT replace Piscean Age. It augments it, so we have more information available. Two of the main changes are we move from Signs to Systems (that correspond to the 12 systems in our physical bodies) and we now use minutes and seconds for delineating a chart.

Now let us look at the natal chart for flight (a triple 7 or Boeing 777 9-year-old plane, one of the largest commercial airliners in existence).
You will see in the natal chart that the Ascendant (House 1) is Piscean Age Sign of Sagittarius, which in Aquarian Age Astrology, is the Metabolic System and that represents matter becoming energy and energy becoming matter (Einstein's E=MCsquared formula).

In AAA, the ruler of Sag, the System which we call Attie Addie Phosphate (the chemicals of ATP and ADP involved in conversions), is the Piscean Age Astrology planet Uranus. The Aquarian Age name for that Character Builder (to differentiate it from Piscean Age Astrology) is Iron Man Jumper Pumper or IMJP. The rulers of the Signs in Piscean Age Astrology are NOT the same as the rulers of the Systems in Aquarian Age Astrology. This is because Piscean Age Astrology is very right brain and Aquarian Age Astrology is left brain and moves in linear step-by-step order.

The degree and minutes on the Ascendant or 1st House of the chart are 6 degrees 53 minutes. Piscean Age Astrology doesn't dig deep into degrees unless looking at what are called aspects, which means we compare the degree of one planet to the degree of another and wide orbs up to 10 degrees are used (orbs in AAA are very tight). More generally, PAA sticks with the whole sign. On the other hand, Aquarian Age Astrology digs very deeply into degrees, minutes, and then into seconds, although we will go that far in only very briefly in this posting (eventually a book will be published that lists all the details, which we call "Seats on the CrystaLine BrainTrain," Dwads, Sub-Dwads, Parts, and Sub-Parts).

As we look at the degrees, we determine from 0 to 10 degrees is one of three "decans" (decan coming from the word deka, which means 10). Since there are 30 degrees in each Sign and each System, there are three (3) decans.

The first decan is potential, which in AAA we call Apt, Ghost of a Chance. So we know immediately, this flight as planned is one of potential. If the degrees were 10 to 20, we would say the flight as planned is for sure and if 20 to 30, we would know the original plans (time or some other feature) would be scrapped and there would be major analysis of the event and some info kept for future reference and other info discarded as a waste.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, we call these three (3) Behavior Modes Apt, Tie-and-Wrap (Trap), and the Scrap Twins of ScrapBook and ScrapBag. The lesson of these three is to 1) generate an idea, 2) go for it and bring it to reality but don't get trapped by that and do nothing else, instead to move to 3) analyzing what we brought to reality and keep the good stuff, discard what we no longer need.

Again, we have 6 degrees 53 minutes of Sag on the Ascendant and this is the 4th step in the AAA program. The 30 degrees of each System are divided in 13 parts (Aquarian Age Astrology uses 13 instead of 12).

The degree and minutes or 4th step tells us "force" is involved in this flight. The number four and the square or rectangle is represented by the four topics of time, space, matter, energy. Therefore, we can say this entity (the flight) will be involved in time, space, matter, and energy, not to even consider the Ascendant is Sag, the Metabolic System, which also represents matter and energy and the conversion of one to the other..

When we count four signs from Sag (Attie Addie Phosphate), the 4th is Pisces (Fillup Tummytank), the System of Digestion (process of taking in or taking on, ingesting, processing, using nutrients, and eliminating what we don't need.).

Note that in Piscean Age Astrology, the signs of Sag and Pisces are called mutable signs (as opposed to cardinal leading signs or fixed signs). In Aquarian Age Astrology, we begin with Aquarius (Ob Server, the New Run Surfer or Neuron Surfer as the 1st System and it is the Nervous System) so Pisces becomes the 2nd or Fixed Earth or tool for what we take into our Nervous System. With our senses, we take in what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. You could say we "eat" or ingest the sensations.

Sag (Attie Addie Phosphate) is the 9th System from Aquarius and that is mutable fire (Scrap Smart D Dolphin, if you are familiar with the change of elements to Quick, Smart, EZ, & Aware). Scrap means ScrapBook and ScrapBag, so some things go into one and some things to into the other. We place our Pearls of Wisdom in our Scrap Book and the Scrap Twins relate to each element (emotions, mental, physical, and spiritual). Flight 370 becomes a memory in the Scrap Book with potential changes to improve knowing what happens to a flight and it also becomes a throwaway into the Scrap Bag.

Before leaving Sag or Attie Addie Phosphate as the Sign/System on the Ascendant, let's look at the ruler(s).

In Piscean Age Astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet with the big red swirling eye. In this chart, Jupiter is sitting in the 8th House, the House of Death and Transformation. Jupiter is at 10 degrees Cancer 27 minutes and Cancer is an inconjunct aspect (separating aspect) but in AAA, we say manipulating and energy exchange) from Sagittarius.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Jupiter is called Big Peggy Piggy and rules Pisces. Pisces to Cancer represents the 5th step and that is change that is a risk. In QSE&A language, the 5th position is Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) Smart D Dolphin.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Sag or Attie Addie Phosphate is ruled by the Character Builder Iron Man Jumper Pumper, which is the planet Uranus in Piscean Age Astrology. Where is IMJP in the chart? It is at 10 degrees Aries 59 minutes. The sign of Aries in Piscean Age Astrology becomes the Muscular System in Aquarian Age Astrology (ruled by the Asteroids, but we won't say much about them in this posting).

IMJP (Uranus), ruling the Ascending System of Attie Addie Phosphate (Sagittarius - again we are talking about Aquarian Age Astrology), is in SQUARE or 90 degree (exact) or forcefully challenging aspect to Big Peggy Piggy (Jupiter), ruler of Fillup TummyTank (Pisces) on the 4th House Cusp.

The start and the end of the flight are all about force. Six degrees of Sag is a difficult placement for an Ascendant of a Flight. But we already know there is more.

Let's look at bit at that 4th House Cusp. As in Piscean Age Astrology, we observe the 4th House to see how this flight ends.

The 4th House, also called the Nadir of the chart, has the Piscean Age Sign of Pisces (Aquarian Age Digestive System) on it, 4 degrees and 25 minutes, which is the 3rd step in the AA Program.

We can confidently say that because Pisces is on the Nadir of this chart that this flight is ingested, processed, good stuff used, and unnecessary stuff is eliminated, but this alone doesn't lead us to an interference or hijacking or terrorism or catastrophic event that blew apart the plane and it landed in the sea.

The 3rd step is represented by a triangle, more like a pendulum, the weight on one side and then it moves to the other. The symbology means we will go back and forth regarding the ending of this flight. That should be easy to see using Aquarian Age Astrology.

When we start with the Digestive System, which is Pisces in Piscean Age Astrology and called Fillup TummyTank in Aquarian Age Astrology, and move to the 3rd System, we reach the sign of Taurus or System of Doc Harmony, hormones, which lead to harmony OR harm and disharmony. So, the degree and minutes tell us something about that ending. Hormones will be involved and we continue looking at the chart to determine if the flight is more harmony or harm.

The biggest clue to the end of the flight is the Piscean Age Astrology planet Neptune (Aquarian Age Astrology Character Builder Aunt Tenna the Singing Judge) which sits on that 4th House Cusp. In Piscean Age Astrology, Neptune is known for being mysterious, nebulous, unsettled, wearing pink lens glasses to look at reality. It also is the planet of suicide, assassination, and death by unknown means as well as possibly by poison.

Therefore, at this point in just looking at the Ascendent and Nadir or 4th House, we know there will be something out of the ordiiary with this flight.

This posting could go on and on. Astrology charts carry so much info. It is interesting that when we look at the midpoint for Piscean Age planets Jupiter and Uranus (Aquarian Age Character Builders Big Peggy Piggy and Iron Man Jumper Pumper), the Moon in this natal charts sits right on that Midpoint. The moon represents people, air breathing entities. From 10 Aries (Uranus or IMJP) to 10 Cancer (Jupiter or BPP), we have 90 degrees exact and half of that is 45 degrees, so 45 from each planet leads us to 25 Taurus or Doc Harmony, which is conjunct the Moon at 24 degrees Taurus 46 minutes..

This degree of 25 is the 11th step in AAA and that is to KNOW. The air breathing and quick moving entities on the flight will KNOW harmony or harm.

To have an idea of what happens to these entities or people each minute, we can progress the moon as it goes from 11th KNOW and we have to move it by minutes to the point the plane's transponders are turned off. To go further with the Moon is speculation.

The Moon starts at 24 degrees 45 minutes 47 seconds and two hours later when the transponders are off and the plane has disappeared, the Moon has moved to 24 degrees 45 minutes and 58 seconds. That is only 11 seconds of time. This is a very small amount of time and Piscean Age Astrology doesn't account for this much detail, but Aquarian Age Astrology lets us look at the seconds involved so that we can see what goes on with the people.

At 24 degrees 45 minutes and 47 seconds, the people are on the 11th Step or KNOW (fixed air or Tie-and-Wrap (Trap) Aware) place of the Taurus or Doc Harmony Sign/System. We aren't showing the CrystaLine BrainTrain, but if we were, you'd see they were in the train car for Doc Harmony and on the 11th Seat. The 11th Seat is the Fillup Tummytank (Pisces) Seat.

Each seat is divided into parts and each part into sub-parts (depends on seconds).

They start out at the Part of the Pisces Seat (Taurus or Doc Harmony Train Car) of Leo or Basil Framington Bones the Skeletal System. The minutes this seat contains are 41.15 minutes to 53.45 minutes. So they stay on this Seat for the next two hours at which time the plane becomes missing. (We used progressions rather than clock time so, yes, in two hours they have experienced two hours, but the chart progressed to 2:41 am shows much less movement than clock time.)

Each Part is divided into Sub-Parts and the Moon (or people) begins on the 5th SubPart of Leo and this goes around to the Sagittarius Sign or Attie Addie Phosphate System, which is the Metabolic System of conversion from matter to energy.

During the next two hours, the Moon or people progresses to 24 degrees 45 minutes 58 seconds. So they are still on that 11th Seat, the Leo Part of that seat, but the Sub-Part has moved from 5th Sub-part of Sag to 6th Sub-Part, which is the Lymphatic or Protection System, which in Piscean Age Astrology is Capricorn and in Aquarian Age Astrology is called Offie R. D. Fencer (for offensive and defensive action, as in football and as white blood cells offensively act against pathogens that invade the body and the white blood cells do that to defend the body). The Moon didn't stay on that 6th Sub-Part. It moved on to the 7th Sub-Part, which for Leo (Basil Framington Bones) is Aquarius or ObServer, the New Run Surfer. This tells us to point out the opposite or top/stop point of the skeletal system. This could be a break-up of the fuselage of the plane and that would be the physical element. If we look at it as emotional, it could be the break-up of the secure feelings of the people. If we look at it mentally, we could label it as breaking or stopping words and numbers. Awareness allows us to look at these three possibilities, but to NOT stay with one until we look at other factors.

Of course, it was originally thought the plane itself brokeup and pieces should be found floating on the sea as a debris field. This has never been found and, although the Chinese spy satellite did shoot photos on Saturday of some large items east of the plane's path, further investigation could not connect that to the plane. (It was Wednesday before those photos were released and ships moved to that place, but no debris).

So, from the emotion and inspiration of thinking they were on their way to Beijing, they realized they were in a defensive situation that required offensive action (but probably were unable to do that), and then on to sensing they were being separated (the 7th of anything is separation) from their original flight goal and possibly separated from their families, the lives they have known, etc. I definitely believe if hijackers were on board, they immediately took up all cell phones.

I also think the pilot, with all his years of experience, would have flown the plane to a new destination if the lives of the passengers were at stake or if there was a threat on the lives of members of his family.

It is believed that IF the plane didn't incur a catastrophic breakup mid-air, which would have shut down all the systems other than the black box (which is orange and has only about a 30-mile range for its pinging)
then transponders were physically and purposefully turned off.

I should also mention something we CAN look at. When we see that end of flight at 4 degrees Pisces of Fillup TummyTank, it MAY BE (and I think it is) relevant to realize that during the 30 degrees of the Piscean Age, degrees 30 to 20 were the time of the religious leader Buddha, 20 to 10 was the time of Jesus the Christed, and 10 to 0 was the time of Mohammed - three strong religions.

I personally think the flight was hijacked (Iron Man Jumper Pumper) by members of a Muslim terrorist organization and it was flown to either Yemen or Saudi Arabia (between the Jupiter and Uranus lines on the Astro-Carto-Graphy map below). Could the plane have traveled that far on the fuel it had? If it were flown at a low level and if the passengers and cargo were dumped to save fuel, I think it could have made it that far. We know it could have made it to Pakistan or India without getting rid of any weight.

I may write a book on the rest of the analysis, because this is just getting too long and we've covered only a tiny bit of the chart. Before moving on, it is important to state two things - 1) if we fold the chart, the Moon or people meet Saturn face to face (1 degree 27 seconds opposition in the natal chart) and 2) the declinations of the natal chart show Asc at -21 degrees with Pluto at -20 degrees.

In AAA, Pluto is Grandpa Tumbles Wash & Dry and rules the 12th System of the 24,000-year Master Sunday. This System is Val U. Refining, which is the elimination system of the body, the world, etc. Being the last planet in our Solar System (yes, still a planet to me), it fulfills, just as in Val U Refining or Libra, it balances by fulfilling a vacuum or getting rid of what is no longer necessary.

So GTW&D represents a washing away or a clean sweep, or a clean getaway. BTW, in the chart GTW&D is at 13 degrees of the offense and defense system  Pluto is 2 degrees and 12 minutes applying square of Uranus to Pluto (Uranus is out in front of Pluto and again a square aspect or 90 degree aspect is a force and challenge). Pluto is in the 2nd House of the chart, indicating a fulfillment of either financial desire OR ownership of a material object. A hijacking is one way to take ownership of some object that can't otherwise be afforded.

Some thoughts: 1) The Malaysian military stated they saw the blip of a plane on radar and they thought it was flight 370 and the flight had turned west. They since said they didn't originally state that. 2) Boeing built the plane and supposedly, as long as the engines are being powered, a data stream goes to Boeing to inform them of how the engines are operating. There has been a recent report that the engines were in operation for another four hours after the disappearance. The Malaysian government is saying this is a false report. Those are rolls Royce engines, BTW, which is why only two are necessary for this plane versus the usual 4 on a plane. 3) It is interesting in the chart that two of the four first-discovered asteroids (which rule Aries Muscle System in Aquarian Age Astrology) are at 29 degrees (Vesta at 29 Libra 54 and we call this the elimination System of Val. U. Refining, conjunct the North Node at 29 Val U. Refining 14 minutes and Pallas Athena at 29 Leo 47 and again Leo is Basil Framington Bones. Both the other asteroids are in aspect within 3 minutes. Ceres is at 1 degree 42 minutes Retrograde of Scorpio or Sir Lance & Sir Trance Circles (the Circulation System) and inconjunct is Juno at 1 degree 45 minutes Aries or Muscle Hustle, the Muscle System, which gives us leverage.

I looked at all the Arabian Parts and the Part of Widowhood sits right on that Jupiter in the 8th House of Death and Transformation. The Part of Bondage is conjunct the Asteroid Ceres. The Part of Treachery is 3 degrees from Saturn in the chart. Five degrees on the other side of Saturn is the Part of Imprisonment and Sorrow. The Part of Death is at 17 Cap with Pluto at 13 Cap and if we move the chart by degrees (not by progressed time), we would see in 4 hours that Part of Death would conjunct Pluto.

I think all this Sag energy means the plane can be repainted, converted into a bomb carrying unit, and used for a terrorist attack in the future. There is so much more to the chart including the East and West Points, Vertex and Anti-Vertex, Arabian Parts, and other aspects. It would be great if a group or panel of us were sitting here analyzing it. Some day, that will happen with events. All of the information about this flight is in this chart, if we can read it.

If you want to calculate your own chart, details are flight 370, Mar 07, 2014, 12:41 AM CCT, Kuala Lumpur, MLYS, Zone -08.00, 101E42'00" and 03N10'00"  - if you can't tell much from the graphics posted, email me at and I will send you the PDFs. I use Matrix Software for calculations.

Astro-Carto-Graphy Chart and look at Jupiter Midheaven and Ascending Uranus lines close together in Yemen and then joining (a conjunction) just south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

and Local Space Map, again planet lines going right over Yemen and Saudi.

Finally, will we ever know? Oh yes. Eventually, the truth comes out. I hope to write books this year explaining a lot more about the new Aquarian Age Astrology. I could spend days on this chart and wish we had the accurate chart of the pilot or of someone on the flight.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 is a 7 destiny number year

When we add the digits for a year, we obtain a single destiny number for that whole year and each number relates a specific meaning to us. This year of 2014 is a 7 (2 + 0 + 1 + 4). The last time we had a 7 year was in 2005 and, as with now, the country was divided. Polarized is a better word with people on each side believing they are right and others are wrong. Polarization was very strong, but seems to be even more intense now as people become more comfortable with publicly expression extreme vitriolic and hateful opinions.

This 7 year is the 7th step from 2008, which was a 10 or 1 year, meaning a new start. We definitely saw that with the election of Barack Obama. People who had not studied his astrological chart believed positive change was on the way and, no doubt, some people believe he has brought that. Others believe he has been the most divisive president in America's history and not because of his race. Rather it has been his Moon in Gemini characteristics, for example stating his administration would be transparent and yet meetings are held without the openness many Americans would like, the NSA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, photographers no longer allowed to take photos of events (instead the president's photographer shoots photos and those are officially released as THE only photograph of an event), etc. etc.

Moon in Gemini is a difficult placement and an individual with this Character Builder(TM) [Moon] in the Respiration System of Live O2 and Killer COO(TM) can lead people to easily speak out of both sides of the mouth. I often call this a "pully-push" maneuver and in a future writing will discuss how this affects people in relationships and marriages. Regarding this post, in other words, one may make a statement, but the opposite is the reality. BTW, in Masters Aquarian Age Astrology, we use Character Builders instead of planets and the lights of Sun and Moon and Systems instead of signs.

It is doubtful Mr. Obama knew he was being elected at a 1 destiny number (I say that because I don't know of any astrologers who are or have been counseling him or his administration, as opposed to previous presidents who consulted with astrologers and we knew about it). Whoever is elected POTUS in 2016 will be elected in a 9 year and will be inaugurated in a 10 or 1 year, so there is the possibility of a very new beginning for the country.

It is noteworthy that December in 2007 was the beginning of the real estate meltdown, which really took off in 2008, that 1 year. And since the recession began, there hasn't been an effective plan for getting masses of people back to work (I said effective - yes there have been plans that have been luke-warm in effectiveness, but nothing has put back into the workforce the MILLIONS of people who have lost jobs).

The government can certainly announce that the unemployment rate is 7% or 8% or whatever, but the fact is, government officials STOP counting lots of people who have been unemployed. They count only people unemployed in the most recent months. If everyone unemployed were counted, the rate would be closer to 20% and even the government statistics indicate the higher percentage for some demographics, for example African American males, teenagers, etc. College educated employees have had the smallest amount of downsizing, which encourages the importance of education. For specific information on how the Bureau of Labor calculates the unemployment rate, visit

2011 was a very emotional year for Americans. It was a 4 destiny and 4 is the number of emotions (represented by the element water). In astrology, the elements are in the order of fire, earth, air, water. That was the year Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. Emotional contagion took over and people went ballistic over the results. The attack was completed on May 1, which adds 6 (5 for month of May and 1 for the day) to the 4 and makes a 10 or 1 day, a new start day. Many people specifically stated with Osama Bin Laden out of his leadership position, Al Qaeda was on the run. We shall see! And with OBL's Sun sign as a Pisces, placing his earth or physical body in Virgo, he certainly has served as the martyr for his beliefs. (The Piscean Age produced at its centerpiece the story of Jesus Christ the martyr).

This year of 2014 will produce even more polarization and we can already see that in the weather - freezing cold in parts of the US while still warm in other parts. This relates to the thinking of individuals who believed their planned trips would flow a certain way only to be thrown to the opposite pole of being stuck.

Other issues that will be on the front burner and relate to polarity include: undocumented vs documented people in America (undocumented is the politically correct term that replaces illegal alien) and inequality of money or rich versus poor people. Of course, there have been discussions of these topics, but we should see them even more emphasized in 2014 and we already know of how loud are the issues of Republicans vs. Democrats, Christians vs. Muslims, and I'm sure you can think of even more examples.

My suggestion is we all may want to keep a journal for this year and note how separateness comes to the forefront in our personal lives. This year offers a great opportunity for us to let go of old stuff and look forward to the new.

Most astrologers agree that the best way to learn astrology is to keep one's own journal and tie the transiting and progressed planets to events in one's life.

One thing I do is to go through my Timeline Report, which I have in RTF format rather than PDF. I note the day for those dates and then make notes on how the progressions and transits have affected me. If you order a Timeline Report, you can request RTF in place of PDF. Not every seller will accommodate new clients because one can change every word of a report, but regular clients trusted the by the astrologer are more likely to get the RTF (Rich Text Format). Even with a PDF format, one can print the pages and make their own notes.The point is to pay attention to how the progressions and transits affect your natal chart and your progressed charts and learn from this. .

As you learn what the various destiny numbers mean, look at the destiny years and try to correlate the information to the year.