Friday, August 19, 2011

The Illegal Immigration Issue Needs to be Solved

It appears that most illegal immigrants FROM THE MANY NATIONS FROM WHICH THEY COME are in the United States in order to have a better life for themselves and their families.  A few are here as criminals and some to promote terrorism.

One problem is determining to which of those three categories an immigrant belongs.  Since I cannot determine that, in this blog, I will refer only to those who are here for a better life.

It is true that the U.S. has laws about immigration.  It would be preferable for everyone coming from another country to enter legally.  That is an ideal and, as with most ideals, the reality is more practical.

Since immigrants come illegally, what do we do about it?  In my opinion, the first step should be to secure the borders so that the problem doesn't increase.  That would stop any future problem and, if I were President, I would bring home our troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan and place them along the border.  That problem solved.

The more difficult problem is what to do about the illegal immigrants who are here now.  There seems to be two possible choices: 1) send them all home or 2) bring them into some form of legality.

It appears to be an impossible task to send home all the illegal immigrants, which allegedly total over 12 million.  If this is impossible, then it is time to create some type of program to legality.

I'm torn by this issue.  I'm very much a law and order person and I believe laws should be enforced.  However, many of the illegal immigrants have come here and given birth to children here who are legal citizens.  I know some of these children.  They, and their parents, are worried all the time about the parents being caught and deported. That is a horrible way to live - always thinking somebody is at one's back, not feeling comfortable calling on law enforcement when one needs help, etc.

The children, most of whom grow up learning English as well as their parents' native languages, serve as interpreters, bill payers, etc., when dealing with the everyday life in America.  This is so unfair to the children, especially when they already are worried about their parents being deported.  Kids should have the opportunity to be kids.  An adult's life is full of problems and it would be wonderful for kids to never have to deal with those problems until they have become adults.

There is a great deal of worry and pain associated with illegal immigration.  There also is enormous frustration that the issue is placed on the backburner and nothing done.  This perpetuates the problem.  Grandchildren then must wear the invisible overcoat of worry. 

America should be a happier place than it is because of this issue (and I'm not even considering the current economic decline).

America has been the greatest country in the world for decades and decades.  America is people.  Aren't the people here capable of solving this issue?  It is time.  Again, either send everyone home or provide steps to a level of legality and that level does not have to include the privileges of voting.  I personally do not believe anyone here illegally should have the right to vote. 

Also, many of the people opposed to offering citizenship to illegal immigrants do so because of the voting issue.  If that were off the table, some of those opposing complete acceptance of making all illegal immigrants citizens would be fine with a new law offering a special category of non-voting citizenship.

By the way, in case you didn't know, in forming corporations, there are categories - non-voting preferred stock, voting common stock, et al.

Would those people who are now illegal immigrants accept citizenship if it didn't carry the right to vote but did carry all other responsibilities (paying income tax, social security, medicare, obtaining all licenses required to drive cars, open businesses, etc.).  I think many illegals would gladly give up voting rights in order to become citizens.  Their children born here would have voting rights.  And it is a horrible fact that many Americans born in this country don't bother to vote.  Obviously, voting isn't important to everyone, although it always has been important to me.

I've thought long and hard about whether or not I would cross a border illegally to improve my life and I wouldn't break the law for that.  But for my children? I might break the law.  Since I haven't had to face that, I don't truly know what action I would take. 

When on the campaign trail, Sen. Obama made promises to take care of the illegal immigration problem if elected President. It is time for President Obama to fulfill that promise.  People living in America should feel like Americans and not be torn between two countries.  As President Lincoln stated, "A house divided cannot stand."

I say we should secure the border and solve the illegal immigration problem.  We really have other issues that need attention (especially joblessness, failing economy, rising healthcare costs, failing schools, etc., etc., etc.)

Comments are welcome, especially on the idea of citizenship without voting rights.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much to say

I wanted to write something.  The U.S. as we know it is ending.  I know the date, but not interested at this time in revealing it.