Friday, August 19, 2011

The Illegal Immigration Issue Needs to be Solved

It appears that most illegal immigrants FROM THE MANY NATIONS FROM WHICH THEY COME are in the United States in order to have a better life for themselves and their families.  A few are here as criminals and some to promote terrorism.

One problem is determining to which of those three categories an immigrant belongs.  Since I cannot determine that, in this blog, I will refer only to those who are here for a better life.

It is true that the U.S. has laws about immigration.  It would be preferable for everyone coming from another country to enter legally.  That is an ideal and, as with most ideals, the reality is more practical.

Since immigrants come illegally, what do we do about it?  In my opinion, the first step should be to secure the borders so that the problem doesn't increase.  That would stop any future problem and, if I were President, I would bring home our troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan and place them along the border.  That problem solved.

The more difficult problem is what to do about the illegal immigrants who are here now.  There seems to be two possible choices: 1) send them all home or 2) bring them into some form of legality.

It appears to be an impossible task to send home all the illegal immigrants, which allegedly total over 12 million.  If this is impossible, then it is time to create some type of program to legality.

I'm torn by this issue.  I'm very much a law and order person and I believe laws should be enforced.  However, many of the illegal immigrants have come here and given birth to children here who are legal citizens.  I know some of these children.  They, and their parents, are worried all the time about the parents being caught and deported. That is a horrible way to live - always thinking somebody is at one's back, not feeling comfortable calling on law enforcement when one needs help, etc.

The children, most of whom grow up learning English as well as their parents' native languages, serve as interpreters, bill payers, etc., when dealing with the everyday life in America.  This is so unfair to the children, especially when they already are worried about their parents being deported.  Kids should have the opportunity to be kids.  An adult's life is full of problems and it would be wonderful for kids to never have to deal with those problems until they have become adults.

There is a great deal of worry and pain associated with illegal immigration.  There also is enormous frustration that the issue is placed on the backburner and nothing done.  This perpetuates the problem.  Grandchildren then must wear the invisible overcoat of worry. 

America should be a happier place than it is because of this issue (and I'm not even considering the current economic decline).

America has been the greatest country in the world for decades and decades.  America is people.  Aren't the people here capable of solving this issue?  It is time.  Again, either send everyone home or provide steps to a level of legality and that level does not have to include the privileges of voting.  I personally do not believe anyone here illegally should have the right to vote. 

Also, many of the people opposed to offering citizenship to illegal immigrants do so because of the voting issue.  If that were off the table, some of those opposing complete acceptance of making all illegal immigrants citizens would be fine with a new law offering a special category of non-voting citizenship.

By the way, in case you didn't know, in forming corporations, there are categories - non-voting preferred stock, voting common stock, et al.

Would those people who are now illegal immigrants accept citizenship if it didn't carry the right to vote but did carry all other responsibilities (paying income tax, social security, medicare, obtaining all licenses required to drive cars, open businesses, etc.).  I think many illegals would gladly give up voting rights in order to become citizens.  Their children born here would have voting rights.  And it is a horrible fact that many Americans born in this country don't bother to vote.  Obviously, voting isn't important to everyone, although it always has been important to me.

I've thought long and hard about whether or not I would cross a border illegally to improve my life and I wouldn't break the law for that.  But for my children? I might break the law.  Since I haven't had to face that, I don't truly know what action I would take. 

When on the campaign trail, Sen. Obama made promises to take care of the illegal immigration problem if elected President. It is time for President Obama to fulfill that promise.  People living in America should feel like Americans and not be torn between two countries.  As President Lincoln stated, "A house divided cannot stand."

I say we should secure the border and solve the illegal immigration problem.  We really have other issues that need attention (especially joblessness, failing economy, rising healthcare costs, failing schools, etc., etc., etc.)

Comments are welcome, especially on the idea of citizenship without voting rights.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much to say

I wanted to write something.  The U.S. as we know it is ending.  I know the date, but not interested at this time in revealing it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

I had rectified a chart for the USA. As mentioned earlier, I don't use the July 4, 1776 chart. To me that is labor pains and the US wasn't yet born and also wasn't legally a country yet.

When I rectify, I don't look at or for Arabian Points. I look only at events. After rectifying the chart to show time of event, it was interesting that the Part of Assassination lay exactly on the natal planet Neptune (Part Assassination conjunct natal Neptune).

I had mentioned Neptune at 18 degrees Libra in a previous post. The Part of Assassination for the USA chart I use is at 18 Libra. Again, when I rectified the USA chart to find the correct time, I had no idea the Part of Assassination would sit on top of the Planet of Assassination, but that is what happened.

In the natal USA chart progressed to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Midheaven was at 18 Pisces. In Aquarian Age Astrology, we could say the Midheaven exactly takes on the Part of Assassination to handle. We use this phrase when talking about an inconjunct aspect and the inconjunct is applying.  Since the progressed Midheaven was at 18 Pisces, the progressed Nadir was at 18 Virgo or exactly connecting to the Part of Assassination in the natal chart.

Chiron and the East Point were conjunct at 18 Gemini. This makes the West Point at 18 Sag, which was exactly square or a force taking on to the MC. 

Other Midpoints on that progressed chart that are interesting to us are Saturn/Uranus at 19 Taurus, Moon/Jupiter at 18 Cancer, Jupiter/Ascendant at 18 Cancer, Neptune/Pluto at 19 Sag, Mercury/Saturn at 19 Cap, and Sun/Pluto at 19 Cap.

Doesn't all this activity on the 8th Seat of train cars point to reinforcement that the Part of Assassination in the natal chart was being activated through aspects. Also aspected would be that Natal Neptune, the dream planet. In other words, the American Dream was affected and so many tears flowed (again Neptune).

Regarding midpoints, the Part of Assassination in the progressed chart was at 18 Leo.

It is interesting that the 18 degrees is coming up again soon by planetary aspects in the progressed chart of the USA.

Other assassinations of U.S. Presidents had 17, 18, 19 degree aspects. Interesting!

Astrology tells the story!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why Astrologers Don't Reveal Predictions

If an Astrologer were to gain a reputation of predicting mundane (global) events accurately, people would pay attention to those predictions. Once the Astrologer then revealed a specific prediction, people involved or related to that event could influence an alteration of the event. This would apply to events considered for good or for evil.

For example, it is possible that Astrologers who knew the attack on Osama Bin Laden would be coming on May 1 (using the American chart) may have kept their predictions quiet so that the event could play out? Otherwise, had Astrologers revealed the prediction, could they be accused of helping to change the event or even of facilitating an act of treason toward their native country. If an Astrologer had predicted the Bin Laden death and such prediction had facilitated an escape of Bin Laden, would that be treason? This is something to think about.

Osama Bin Laden - Why Now?

I haven't looked at the typical US chart used by most Astrologers (based on July 4, 1776). I don't use a chart for 1776.

In the chart I use and which I rectified years ago, the progressed Mercury (communication) is exactly trine Natal Neptune, the planet of assassinations, on May 4. That means the culmination would be in a few days. I call this "on the nose."

Today, May 1, Transiting Mercury is opposed to Natal Neptune. Therefore, the news regarding that trine comes out today.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, an opposition is a potential to speak and also the peak of something happening and this happening bring global awareness due to the opposition representing the 7th position.

Today, the news would be regarding an assassination. Natal Neptune in the chart I use is located at 18 Libra 22 or sitting on the 8th "Seat" in the Libra car. This is the Taurus seat. The 8th Seat is always about obsession or occupied with. Libra is Val U. Refining, the elimination system. Therefore, the assassination would be of someone, a mysterious person (Neptune) with whom the U.S. has been obsessed with in terms of eliminating.

No surpise, therefore, that the news tonight was the killing of Osama. One question is, who killed Osama? Was it U.S. Navy Seals or was it someone in Osama's group? After all, Osama always has stated he expected his colleagues to kill him and keep him from falling into the hands of the Americans.

I'm sure more news will be released. I do watch Al Jazeera for my news in order to get a viewpoint that balances the bias of the American media.

Another question is what will be the response of Al Qaeda? We shall see! I will be looking at the U.S. chart for ramifications of today's action.

It is interesting that Osama has been reported to be a Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune in Piscean Age Astrology.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine

I watched the entire event on KERA this morning. This was a BBC production and there were no commercials. In my opinion, the pagentry was fabulous. I thought the ceremony was beautiful and the words very meaningful.

Thankfully, this is a benign monarchy and not the old willful and terroristic type of monarchy that once prevailed in Great Britain. This is meaningful to some of us, myself included, since so many people (including ancestors) died to free us who are Americans of monarchy. It is interesting to observe how many Americans are in awe of monarchy now. I hope the influence they are under represents that of a non-political gallant celebration rather than monarchy as a desirable type of government. It is well to remember, Great Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy - the Royals handle pagentry and do not control policy. 

It was interesting to observe the facial expressions and body languages of the bride and groom. What I saw reflected what i have seen in their natal charts. Unfortunately, I don't see authenticity in the charts. I don't see a marriage for love. I do see two friends getting from the union something they each need.

In the chart, I see William forcing himself to marry in order to produce children. Also, he has a double-intercepted chart, with one of those interceptions in the 1st-7th House polarity. This means there is something behind the surface regarding the marriage. While I believe I know what it is, my preference is to not state what is the indication.

I see Catherine setting this marriage as a goal and allowing nothing to interfere. I would love to see her chart compared to her Grandmother Dorothy's chart.

In Piscean Age Astrology, Prince William's 7th House is ruled by the twin sign of Gemini. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and in his chart, Mercury is in Gemini. Often, a dual sign on the 7th House cusp indicates more than one marriage.

His MC, which is the end of the marriage, is Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, which overturns and, again, shows something behind the surface.

The are more interesting observations that come with delineating William's chart and comparing his chart to that of Catherine. The theme of the charts is "practicality and image come first."

As always, Time will Tell! 

Shuttle Launch delayed - I am thankful

The chart for today's launch gave me great concern. Thankfully, the launch has been delayed. Hopefully, the problem(s) will be resolved. As soon as we have another date and time, I will look at that chart.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding of 4-29-2011

I've viewed many comparisons of charts, but have never seen such negative energy as I see between Prince William and the wedding ceremony as well as between Kate Middleton and the wedding ceremony. It is obvious they 1) either did not have an Astrologer well-versed in Electional Astrology to help them set a date and time or 2) wanted to go forward with all these obstacles and the "power" theme.

I'm including the synestry grids that compare each of their natal charts with the chart of the wedding ceremony set for exact time of ceremony. Please note we do not have an exact time of birth for Kate Middleton. Therefore, her Ascendant, Mid-heaven, and (possibly) Moon may be well off the mark of what is shown.

With all the squares and oppositions, the wedding ceremony (date and time) is not positive for either person. This is interesting because so many royals in the past used Astrologers to set dates and times for important events. If Kate and William used an Astrologer, they needed a second opinion. If they did not seek advice of an Astrologer, they certainly are not the New Age people I would expect them to be when their marriage is touted as the "event of the Century." I can understand that most individuals would not seek an Electional Chart, but the Royals? I'm surprised by that! There are many excellent Astrolgoers in Great Britain.

We are not even explaining the meaning of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in Aries nor the exact conjunction of Mars and Jupiter at 21 Aries. Also, we're not delineating the meaning of the Moon at 26 Pisces, which conjuncts Uranus in 6 months.

All this Aries energy relates to power - no doubt there will be enormous security on hand. Is "power" the theme one wants for a wedding? To each his own, I guess!

I know others see perfection in the relationship of Prince William and Kate. When I look at the comparison of one's natal chart to the other's, I don't see that perfection. There are positives, but also negatives or bumps.

Below are the images of the synestry charts. If you can't see them clearly, email me and I will email them to you as an attachment in PDF format.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Works in Progress

Work in Progress or WIP is a term typically used in lawfirms to mean something in an ongoing project. I use the term often to track ongoing versus completed projects. I am trying to finish all filing and collating as my Astrological research so that my WIPs are three: 1) writing the AA book and the MasterPoints on various topics (I want to get everything published in 2011 and 2012), 2) speaking and doing consultations, and 3) working on charts for missing children and adults. I KNOW in our Astrological charts are ALL the answers. We just don't know how to dig them out and read them YET. That day is coming. In the meantime, I search and research to find where those children and adults are now - either living or their remains. Last night I watched a documentary "Gray Matter" about the precious 700 children that were murdered in Vienna, Austria during the Nazi control (World War II). Also on the documentary were survivors of those awful days during which doctors tortured children in order to study their behavior. It appeared that most of the children and teens who were murdered were born with various differences from the norm. One child had epilepsy. Apparently, the doctor who headed this unspeakable action was never tried and convicted for the deaths and, in fact, continued to research the brains until the late 1990s. The documentary was filmed in 2002. A mass funeral was held at that time so that the brains of the children could be buried. Photographs of the children (with their names) were held up by citizens to show these sweet little faces that were so brutally murdered. Today, my head is still reeling and my heart is so heavy. I do know that the Aquarian Age Astrology will bring much Light to many areas of darkness. These atrocities should never again be allowed to happen. Already I was upset about the failure of relatives to intervene and help two young boys in Colorado. A newscast a couple of days ago showed pics of the two boys who were last seen years ago. They had been adopted by a couple and, apparently, the adults had received financial aid for the kids. When the couple moved to Texas years ago, they didn't bring the children. They allegedly said the boys ran away. The man and woman have been arrested in Texas. The newsperson read from police reports of interviews with relatives in which the relatives stated the boys were beaten and abused, starved, kept in a box, etc. The newsperson asked the same question as I want to know - What were these relatives thinking when they SAW this happening and didn't go to the police? All these years the two boys have been missing and nobody was searching for them! This should not happen ANYWHERE, but especially in America. I continue to work on various missing persons cases - not for money. In fact, the families don't even know I'm trying to find the answers to the locations of their loved ones by using Astrological charts. I simply know all the answers are in the charts and want to mine them so there can be a small bit of peace in the hearts of the families. Thankfully, there are other Astrologers working on these cases. Someday we will have resolutions.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am starting a newsletter called The Aquarian Age Sun. It will feature Aquarian Age Astrology. Anyone interested in receiving can email me at and request to be on the mailing list. We will be happy to have you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Revealing the Aquarian Age Astrology

This is a very exciting time for me. I began studying astrology in 1958 and in the early 1980s moved to Dallas, Texas to channel the new Aquarian Age Astrology (Dallas has a stellium of planets in Aquarius). By the end of the 1980s, I was heavy into research.

In 1999, I provided a few clients with a StartChartTM binder that included quite a bit of the new astrology. Today, as I prepare to publish the new information, I decided to go back and re-read that StartChartTM binder.

The information is from God and it is so impressive. I can hardly wait to provide all of this to the public.

Our Aquarian Age Center will be a reality for us soon. Also available in the near future will be the YouTube videos, books, MasterPointsTM, audio tapes, and DVD videos.

This past week and continuing at least another couple of weeks is my project of filing EVERY piece of paper that contains astrology notes AND reviewing all those notes. Over these many years, there were so many times I would wake up in the middle of the night with information. I wanted to go back to sleep, but EVERY time I MADE myself get up and write down those tidbits. I'm so glad I did. There are thousands of pieces of papers with notes - I'm amazed at how prolific this is. Often, as look over a paper in order to file it, I say aloud, "Wow, that's great stuff."

Again, this is the work of God and The Masters using me as a tool and my own natal chart shows all of this.

My birthday is March 1 and today I calculated (using Matrix Software - I love this company) my 2011 Solar Return. It reinforces what I intuitively have known - this is the last year of preparation to reveal the info.

Regarding the Center, I can hardly wait for us to have our physical location with classroom, social area, etc. There will be a small apartment for me - from my chart it is easy to see I really like to live where I work.

We will have full-moon meditations next to a reflecting pool.

Dallas is where the new Aquarian Age Sun is born (also the name of the newsletter that will be published on a regular basis soon). I started writing articles and publishing that back in the 1990s.

I am looking at properties now, at least online. Because of the Dallas chart, I think we will establish the center in Dallas, although probably on the west side so that is it convenient to people in Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, and all the suburbs.

A few years ago, there was a circular church building available in Arlington. That seemed like such a positive potential place for the center, but Arlington isn't Dallas. We'll see what happens.

Greatly appreciated are your thoughts and prayers regarding the establishing of the Center and the release of the new astrology.

Middle East Demonstrations - Libya

I've calculated the natal and progressed chart for Libya, adding the current transits. I do NOT see that Moamar Khadaffi (Muammar Gaddafi) will be forced to leave office. He currently holds the title of longest dictator in office (Castro of Cuba is not longer the head of that country or he will still hold this title).

It is sad to see the deaths of demonstrators. This is a seed for a future time.

Years ago, I was told that General Khadaffi had provided every resident of Libya with a home and had done this from oil revenues. I don't know if this is a fact - would be interesting to learn.

Regardless of all the physical objects given to a person, I believe, in the long run, it is freedom and Self-Will that matter the most.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revolution in Egypt Deaths

Updated information as reported by an Egyptian policeman - 365 deaths reported, but scores of people missing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OIl Crisis and War

I am working on the date for the major war over oil - the one that will involve many countries. Americans use massive amounts of oil each day and it is doubtful we will conserve or be willing to compromise our lifestyles. This will inevitably lead to war, since other nations, especially India and China, are industrializing at an extremely fast pace and thus requiring much more oil than they have in the past.

It will occur before 2025.

Essenes and Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea is between Israel and Jordan. About 2000 years ago, the Essenes, a religious sect in Judea, moved to the desert there, since it represented to them a "pure" place (place of purification), as God created it to be. They believed the city of Jerusalem was full of Jews who had been corrupted by the Romans, who were occupying the land.

When the Essenes went into battle with the Romans (their "Apocalypse"), they placed their scrolls in special jars and hid the jars in the caves. In 1947, a young man found a cave and others were discovered.

To date, the scrolls have been discovered in 11 caves. I believe there is a 12th cave and perhaps a 13th cave somewhere in that region. Since the caves have been collapsing, it could be the 12th (and perhaps 13th) caves can no longer be seen as a result of an opening to the outside.

Eventually, someone will find the 12th. I do believe that. If the Essenes were familiar with the meaning of the number 13 and hid scrolls in a 13th cave, it also will be found.

Valentine Day

In Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM, we look at this day as representing the number two. It is observed in the second month of the year. Also representing two is Grandpa Tumbles Wash and DryTM (Pluto), which is the fulfillment of finding the perfect love for one - the perfect connection. This makes sense when one sees the "Body" graphic for the new astrology.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Victims and Victimizers

On Saturday, I was privileged to enjoy a great conversation with someone regarding this issue. In this blog, I want to clarify where we are going regarding the existence of victims and victimizers.

Upon to now and on into the future, for a short time, we will have both of these. For the present, we work with exhibiting both behaviors, UNLESS one is an Initiate and has learned to stop the unbalance. The masses have NOT reached this point.

In the conversation, the client mentioned that it is necessary to be a victim in order to have empathy and to learn how that feels. The same is true for being a victimizer. Once one has experienced both extremes, one has empathy and can slowly stop both behaviors.

I absolutely agree that this is true for the masses and occurs AT THE PRESENT TIME. Unfortunately, such victimization hits on all four levels and is extremely painful when we perceive it on the emotional and physical levels. We learn empathy by walking in the shoes of others. Once, in some lifetime, we have been a victim, we can empathize with people who are victims. Once, in some lifetime, we have victimized others, we can feel sorror for what we have done and we can stop such negative behavior.

Up until now (the Aquarian Age), it has been necessary to "walk in the shoes" so that we understand both extremes.

During the Aquarian Age, behaviors will change dramatically. Because of the developments in modifying brain structures and neuron pathways that lead to perceptions, IN THE FUTURE, people will be able to get into a virtual reality machine and emotionally feel both behaviors. This means one will no longer have to be a "real" victim or victimizer. One can work out these behaviors vicariously or in the virtual world.

People are beginning to see this as more and more hue-mans watch tv and movies, which is vicarious behavior, and play games. When someone has played war games over and over, one gets worn out with that or tired of it, and wants another experience. The war game thing is fulfilled and one cannot be drawn back into it, whether virtually or in reality.

The same is true for being a victim. It gets tiresome.

During the 2160-year Age of Aquarius, behaviors will change regarding war and peace (and this war can even be within the family, within the self as one sabotages the self) and we have the opportunity to have a peaceful world.

Only when we stop being a victim can we stop others from victimizing us. This means we may have to walk away from membership in an organization, family reunions, friendships, church groups, etc. - anyplace in which we are not respected. If the lack of respect is rearing its head, it is an opportunity for us to walk away rather than getting caught up in the imbalance.

While we deal with this in reality to a great extent now, the time is coming in which we will virtually have experiences that will lead us to a more peaceful existence.

Therefore, I agree with K. that one learns from being a victim and learns from being a victimizer. I simply believe that we will not have to continue learning in this way as we continue moving forward through the Aquarian Age.

I appreciate the conversation, which has given me the opportunity to think more clearly about this. Thank you K. for sharing your thoughts.

Email to White House re: Egypt

The Plan is unfolding and Astrology is coming to the forefront. This is the birthing of Aquarian Age Astrology, which also brings Vedic and Piscean Astrologies into more Light for the masses.

This is the text of the email I sent a few moments ago to the White House:

"I continue to hear people state nobody saw what was coming in Egypt. This is not true. Astrologically, this has been in the works for over a year. I posted Egypt's natal, progressed, and transit chart at my blog,

"Do NOT expect the same thing to happen in Syria, Iran, and Lebanon . Since the founding fathers, as well as various presidents, including Ronald Reagan, believed in and used Astrology, it might be wise for President Obama to be open to "The Plan."

"There are many excellent astrologers, both Vedic and Piscean Age, in the Northeast."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Triple chart for Egypt - natal - progressed - transits

The circles with cross inside represent the Earth in the Chart. Earth always is the exact opposite of the Sun. While many astrologers do not use the Earth, I always use it, since it shows our Earth Life and Purpose.
When looking at the blog from the computer upon which I am working now, some blog info input from my other laptop does not show up. Don't understand.
Still unable to upload the Natal-Progressed-Transit graphic of Egypt, so will try to copy from my photo program and paste in here. Also, because demonstrations are scheduled for Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, I've looked at those natal-progressed-transit triwheels and do not see a revolution as we saw for Egypt. In the case of Lebanon, which has the most happening at this time, Transit Pluto already has passed the Sun, so opportunity didn't previously lead to fruition. However, progressed Mars is on Natal Mercury, which could very well lead to a lot of filtering out people with whom the administration has a problem.

Here is the graphic for Egypt and it is so obviously a time of overturning the head of the government.

Sorry- will not allow me to paste the graphic and still cannot access image uploader. If you want to see the tri-wheel, email me at and I will email you the graphic as an attachment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Graphic of Triple Chart for Egypt

I rebooted, allowed popups, and still can't upload image. Will keep trying. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Triple Chart for Egypt

As one can see in the triple chart for Egypt, the natal Sun and natal Pluto have progressed to conjunction at 22 Leo. This is the overturning of the leader of the country (we are dealing with mundane astrology, also known as world astrology or political astrology). The circle with the cross with in represents the Earth. Since the transiting Sun (outer circle) is at 22 Aquarius, the transiting Earth is at 22 Leo, conjunct the progressed Sun and Pluto. We also have the 17 degrees involved in the chart. Saturn at 17 Libra already has been discussed.

The inner chart is the natal chart for The Republic of Egypt. Details are shown in the center. The next circle shows progressed planets as of Feb. 2, 2011 and the outer chart is the transits for today, which is the day Hosni Mubarak steps down from the Presidency.

There is NO DOUBT the time had come for him to turn over the Presidency to another, although it remains to be seen how positive that will turn out to be in the long run. As seen in the previous post, the individuals involved (Military Council) will select the level at which they rule - survival, emotional, mental, awareness.

Unfortunately, I am not able to upload the graphic. Will reboot and try again, but graphic will show in next post.

Natal, Progressed, Transit Charts for Egypt

I will be posting this triple chart shortly. With the Sun and Pluto conjunction, I wanted to show the graphics for these as Character Builders(TM), not planets as in Piscean Age Astrology.

All names for the four-leveled Sun include the "den" which stands for teeth, since our Sun bites outward. King Dennis the AwareTM is what a ruler should be like. Unfortunately, people don't always rise to their highest self. Some become like the mental Sun (DeniStepsOnTM) which steps on others in order to reach a higher rung on the ladder. Some become like the emotional Sun (DeniSawTM) which can't make a decision and would do this or would do that. Some are in survival mode at all times and become like the shark, DinDinTM.

There is an Earth Graphic that corresponds to each, but I am not uploading that at this time.

I do want to upload the CharacterBuilderTM Grandpa Tumbles Wash and DryTM which, in Piscean Age Astrology is known as Pluto.

Will We See a Bloody Egypt?

No doubt, there has to be a "bloody show" whenever there is a new birth. Since about 300 people have died in Egypt during this transition, it is sad for their families.

I am watching the Asteroid Vesta conjunct Pluto (sit on the same CrystaLine BrainTrainTM seat in the place of revealing the protection system. In Masters Aquarian Age AstrologyTM, Vesta is an indicator of Aquarius (Nervous System which allows us to observe and be aware of what is happening) and Pluto is an indicator of Leo (Structure System).

Pluto in this position is handing out the revelation of the Lymphatic or Emphatic System. Vesta is in the vampire position. Sitting with them is Venus, which has just conjunted Pluto. Venus is the indicator of Scorpio and also is revealing the emphasis of time - window of opportunity.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Scorpio is the Circulation System and we all know this system deals with blood as the carrier or oxygen, which is the inspiration we need in order to think (we must have oxygen to the brain).

On this mundane level, oxygen is the inspiration of democracy and for people to truly get into this revolution in Egypt, blood will carry the message. In other words, there has to be bloodshed. Venus in position now indicates the forcing out of bloodshed or people becomming Aware that deaths have happened.

The Sun has just passed over Mars, which is the indicator of the Lymphatic System and Mars is on the second train car (Aquarius is the tool of the Immune System) and at the 9th position of that second car, showing extreme argumentative conflict, which will trickle down to physical body confrontations.

Uranus is at 28 Pisces, in the 12th position or cleaning out of Pisces, which means washing away the old experience. Uranus, as indicator of Gemini, the Respiration System, is bringing to earth, bringing as a "fall to the earth," the old experience.

As mentioned in the previous post, Saturn is pushing the cervical walls apart to allow the new "baby" to be born. Every mother in labor knows there is a "bloody show" during birth.

Movement into the New World Order continues. People in America simply are not aware of how different life here will become as these global changes continue.

I do wonder how President Hosni Mubarak was able to amass a fortune of between 40 to 70 Billion dollars while serving as President of Egypt. He began as a soldier, became Vice-President, and 30 years ago, President.

I also wonder how he was not able to learn the lesson taught by Saddam Hussein - get out while the getting out is feasible. Just think is Saddam had left when asked to, he and his sons could be living the rich life somewhere in the world instead of being food for worms.

I don't expect the Astrology to make sense in a world in which Vedic and Piscean Age Astrologies are prevalent. Over time, however, especially when all is revealed, including the graphics, more will be comprehended.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why the Breakdowns of Governments at This Time (Egypt, etc.)

All graphics referred to in this writing will be available in MasterPoints™ papers as well as the Guidebook to the Aquarian Age. These will be published in the future.

Many Astrologers are explaining the current activities. This brief explanation uses the new Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™, which is now at the beginning of being released in full to the public. Most of the text is introductory.

Years ago, we revealed a great deal of this new astrology by placing the graphics and explanations in our website on the Internet, It was available for only a short period of time and was there only to seed a few people around the world who would inhale the ideas presented.

In 2006, some of these ideas were taught to members and guests of the Astrological Society of North Texas when I gave a program on Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign.

Now, the time is coming for full revelation in a more permanent manner.

In Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™, what were “signs” are now “Systems” and all Systems for this 24,000-Year “Master Sunday” begin with the idea or ideal of God’s Plan, Destiny, as shown to us through the Astrologies of the Ages (Vedic, Piscean Age, now Aquarian Age, etc.).

The Idea or Ideal is always Step 1. In fact, it is the first half of Step 1, since at the time of the idea, we don’t have it ALL. Only by moving from the idea and through the entire Plan of 12 Steps can we master the steps and we come back around to where we started, but we are now Aware of the trip and our consciousness has moved up a level (like moving up a rung on a ladder). When we return to Step 1, we have lifted our consciousness and, therefore, have reached Step 13 – the Mastery Step.

At Step 13, having Mastered the previous series of steps, we now get a new idea and do another round. We continue with this, going round and round, learning, experiencing, etc. The reason I try to spell my name as Lee masters (lower case letter “m”) is to designate I am mastering concepts. In this case, masters is a verb rather than a last name.

Although in Piscean Age Astrology, movement is primarily counter-clockwise (against the Sun, also known as “anti-Christ”), in Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ we move in both directions.

Think of the numeral 8 and lay it on its side to form the symbol for infinity ∞. We are in the center and we move counter-clockwise when we go toward the right. We move clockwise when we go toward the left. We can choose to do all this running around OR we can stop the running around, “Be Still and Know That I AM God,” as the Holy Bible instructs us to do. From this “centered” position, we can tell what is happening in both directions.

In other words, when we’re trapped in the rounds, we are like a baby or new soul, experiencing everything physically and emotionally. Later, although we may still be trapped in this constant recycling, we are now able to label the physical objects and emotional activities. We are able to recognize the label when we hear someone else speak the word. This labeling is known as the mental level or knowing something.
Hue-mans on this planet have reached a point where we are cognizant that we are a physical body living in an emotional pool and labeling or knowing stuff. We know a lot of stuff.

After one reaches a point of knowing a lot of stuff, life becomes boring and we’re ready for something else. Therefore, our consciousness lets us become Aware that we are a Seed on the Spiritual Level. On this level, we “know that we know.” The great teachers throughout history have emphasized this Spiritual Level.

Animals are on the physical, emotional, mental levels, but aren’t conscious of themselves as knowing that they know something. Hue-mans have reached the level of Awareness of knowing we know, even if the Hue-man has only reached the Seed position. The great teachers throughout history have reached the Mastery position and their teachings offer us the idea and ideals to continue our trip so we reach Mastery position also.

Once we moved far along the Awareness or Spiritual Path, we are ready to stop all the flustering and repeating and we begin to know what is coming and can prepare for it.

This Awareness of Spiritual level is known as reaching Higher Consciousness. Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ is for people who want to work on this Higher Consciousness level rather than living so much in the Animal Kingdom-Hue-Man level. People who want to work at Higher Consciousness are called Initiates and have stepped onto the path of total self-knowledge, moving toward at-one-ment with the Creator. At-one-ment is labeled Atonement in the Holy Bible.

Another way of saying this is: in consciousness, many of us are moved “up” or into a “finer” level of Awareness and OUT of the Animal Zodiac, which has been in use for thousands of years. The Animal Zodiac has many animal signs and a few non-animal. Animal signs include, for example, Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Leo the Lion, etc.). The Animal Zodiac is what is known as “The Beast” in Revelations of the Holy Bible.

Certainly, many people will prefer Piscean Age Astrology using the Zodiac, since it is known by them and therefore comfortable. Some who continue with the Piscean Age Astrology may well be Initiates who prefer that to the new information.

Life is about timing and people will move to something new when the TIME IS RIGHT FOR THEM TO DO SO. It will take the entire 2160-year Age of Aquarius for many people to accept and use Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™.

Some of us are no longer entirely controlled by our animal instincts and are anxious to use the new astrology. I cannot emphasize enough that this choice is about timing, not competence. We do NOT judge others. We judge ourselves as we are today compared to how we were yesterday.

If the new information doesn’t at all make sense to you, or even irritates you, let it go. The time is not right for you and, in fact, may never be. Over your lifetimes, you may skip Aquarian Age Astrology and move on to Capricorn Age Astrology, which is coming in hundreds of years. The hope is you won’t try to stop the use of Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ by those of us who find this helpful..

It is important to state that in all our endeavors, over millions of years, we are not actually moving to a higher consciousness. We are connecting to something that was already there, but we were NOT ready for it. The All has already provided. Until we are ready to receive it, we don’t connect to it. Electricity always has been available, but manking wasn’t ready to discover and use (and abuse) it.

Much more about connections will be presented at a later time in another writing.

In order to show we no longer are animals, Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ no longer uses the Animal Zodiac (the word Zodiac comes from the word that means zoo). In our new astrology, we show the CrystaLine BrainTrain™ as the circle. It has 12 cars and each car represents a System. One car, Scorpio, also includes Ophiuchus, The Snake Bearer, which is healing.

Since Scorpio is the Timing System, Ophiuchus, which appears at the end, is the healing function of time. We may not heal in one lifetime, but over various lifetimes we heal from every dis-ease.

Piscean Age Astrology uses “signs” and Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ uses “systems.”

The systems are just like the ones you know in your physical body:
DNA or Genetic (lays out the plan for an individual – hair color, height,
vulnerabilities to develop dis-eases, etc.)
Filtering (selects certain things to use and others to discard)
Circulation (carries stuff around and around until you get tired of it or it is worn
out, so it is no longer needed and we are “healed” from carrying that – more
explanation of this later)
Metabolic (converts energy to matter and matter to energy)
Immune (protects by fighting against)
Nervous (takes in data or information through the senses)
Digestion (processes the matter we take in, this matter typically known as food)
Muscle (works against another in order to activate in order to move, known as power)
Hormone (packets of chemicals that emphasize or resize)
Respiration (oxygen or new life in and carbon dioxide or waste out, known as
Reproduction (producing replicas or semi-replicas of ourselves, known as
Structure or Skeleton (the basis, upon which other systems are added)

These systems work the same way whether we are talking about the physical body of a hue-man or the government of a country. There are many other areas in which these systems can be recognized. For example, in the physical body we have a “Circulation” System. Outside the body, we can call this same System “Transportation,” and “Media.” The process is the same – carrying something, regardless of in what area of life we think of the System.

“The Plan” is also known as Destiny, DNA, Architecture, Astrology, etc. We will discuss Destiny vs. Free Will in a later writing.

When moving counter-clockwise from Virgo, The Plan, what were known as Libra and Aquarius are in the Tie and Wrap (Trap)™ position of “The Plan.” In Piscean Age Astrology, you would call this “fixed”. Again, more about this later, with graphics to help you comprehend the information.

Since the Astrologies of the Pisces Age and previous Ages use “signs,”, we have new names for the Systems, so that we can easily distinguish between astrologies of the past and Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™. Each System is represented as a character and you will see those graphics in another writing when we show you the full CrystaLine BrainTrain™.

Libra is now known as Val U. Refining™ (Filtering System) and Aquarius is “Observer, the New Run Surfer,” (neuron activity or Nervous System).

Today, as I write this, the Sun and Mars are at 17 degrees of Aquarius. In the new Astrology, King Sun and Countess Penny Marks™ are sitting on the 8th Seat of the CrystaLine BrainTrain™ car we call Observer, the New Run Surfer™.

The 8th seat is Tie-and-Wrap (Trap)™ motion. Therefore, I must write this today and place it on my blog.

For a moment we will look at Rounder Sounder V. Pounder™ (Saturn), the indicator of the Muscle System (Aries), which is known as Muscle Hustle™. In Piscean Age lingo, this would be Saturn indicating Aries. However, in Piscean Age Astrology, Saturn is NOT the indicator of Aries.

Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ and Piscean Age Astrology are NOT the same. They are two very different perspectives and each has something to offer. One is NOT better than the other, just different.

VERY IMPORTANT: the new astrology does NOT replace the others. It is simply another perspective. Over the course of history, each time new ideas came to the forefront, people ingrained in the previous mindsets had a very difficult time with the new ideas. Hence, the Master Jesus the Christed One was NOT appreciated by those from the Aries Age.

Piscean Age Astrology did NOT replace Vedic Astrology. Vedic is still available and used, extremely well in my opinion, by many Astrologers on this planet. Piscean Age Tropical Astrology added new ideas.

With some clients, I continue to use Piscean Age Astrology. With Initiates, who are seeking a Higher Consciousness and no longer ONLY interested in a love partner, money, etc., I use Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™. It is important to offer the right “food” to the individual, depending on his or her processing system (what will best nourish at a particular time).

While walking around in a counter-clockwise movement, Rounder Sounder V. Pounder™ has moved to the 7th Train Car from his home, Muscle Hustle™. RSVP™ is sitting on the 8th Seat in that 7th car. It will take you some time to get used to this idea.

In other words, transiting Saturn (RSVP™), which is the indicator of the Muscle or Power System (Muscle Hustle™) is now at its peak position for the world. Peak position is always shown as the 7th Step, a separating step and a place of potential to s-peak. Hence, people all over the world are speaking up and speaking out. This is also the position of potential to become Aware of much more than the self.

In Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and other countries, people who have been silent all their lives are now ready to break through the wall of silence and speak through words and actions.

This activity has been developing, even is subconsciously in the individuals. They have been looking at the physical world around them. They have been determining how acceptable their situation is emotionally. They have been labeling their blessings and their discontents. The discontents have been more than the blessings. Finally, they have reached the breaking point and have begun to speak to the matter.
They are establishing demands they expect to be met. For the first time in 28 to 30 years of observations, feelings, thoughts, etc., they have been energized to act. It is interesting that Hosni Mubarak has been in power for 30 years (he was appointed Vice President in 1975 and assumed the office of President Oct. 14, 1981, when President Anwar Sedat was assassinated.

Again, RSVP™ is in this 7th car from home, but sitting on the 8th Seat of the car. While on the 7th Seat (15 degrees of the filtering system + and – a bit, Val U. Refining), a great deal of Awareness was coming to the forefront. Once RSVP™ got up from the 7th Seat and moved to the 8th Seat, the indicator announced “fixed action” or “no more talking – we are going to do something about this.” The groups have gotten together and have started with peaceful protests and demands.

Some, of course, add violence to the mix, but most individuals want to be heard and want a better life and, MOST OF ALL, want a democracy in which their voice is heard.

U.S. Election
Some readers may ask, “So where was Saturn on Nov. 2, 2010, when the U.S. elections took such a turn?” Saturn or RSVP™ was sitting on the 6th seat of the Filtering System train car. This seat is an actual physical change. People handed in ballots that ordered change. The number 6 is a number of major change and it is physical earthquake type of change, not just wishing, etc.

Americans already have a democracy in which people are free to speak their minds. Americans, at least some, speak out all the time. Speaking out so forcefully is a new idea in Middle Eastern countries ruled by puppets rather than by duly elected representatives of the people.

Back to current position of RSVP™:
On the 8th Seat in the filtering system train car, Saturn focuses on frozen muscle action or fixed action, which can be peaceful demonstrations or riots. Simultaneously, it is connected to the 9th Seat, where connections to the best minds and thoughts are done, but the thoughts are implemented in an argumentative manner.

At the same time Saturn is sitting on the 8th seat, it is revealing what is happening on the 10th seat, the idea of bringing to earth or bringing down the old physical structures in order to create a new structure (in the case of Egypt, etc., create new governments). This is the position of the fall. It is the 10th position, so full of tension (10th Seat). The 10th Seat is the 3rd Seat from the 8th Seat and 3rd Step always deals with revealing.

Saturn is forcing out (11th Seat) the people standing side by side (look at the numeral 11).

RSVP™ is pinning down, sensing, pinning hopes on washing away the old regime and, once that is done at the 12th Seat, we are back to 1 and planning for a new day.

We observe RSVP™ or Saturn in one place (on one Seat on a train car), but it simultaneously exerts influence in other positions on the same car as well as on other train cars.

Much more about all this will be revealed.

Before closing, we do want to look at the fact that today, RSVP™ or Saturn is trine the Sun (King Dennis the Aware™) and Mars (Countess Penny Marks™).

King Dennis is the indicator of the Planning or DNA System (Sun serves as indicator of Virgo), and Countess Penny Marks™ is the indicator of the Protection and Immunity System (Mars indicating Capricorn).


King Dennis actually has 4 levels, which we won’t go into here.

Both King and Countess are sitting on the 8th Seat in the Observer Car or Nervous System, which takes in info, processes it, and puts out action or does nothing).

King Sun is the indicator of the Destiny or DNA System, so when on the Observer Car, he is in 6th Step from Home or physical changes, not just dreams and wishes.

Countess is the indicator of the Immune or Protective System. When sitting in the Observer car, she is in 2nd Step position using observation as a tool for protection.

There will be more about this later.

Transiting Saturn is at 17 Libra trine transiting Sun conjunct Mars at 17 Aquarius.

All three Character Builders™ (our term for the planets) are sitting on the 8th Seats of the cars in which they are . This seat is fixed motion or actually doing something about a situation.

Much more can be written about this, especially more explanation regarding King Sun™ and Countess Penny Marks™. However, we will leave that for another time.

What is important: the muscles are responsible for allowing new birth as they participate in the dilating of the cervix to open the birth canal so that the new child can be born (more info on the actual physical process can be found at )

The entire time Saturn or RSVP™ is sitting in the Libra or Val U. Refining™ train car, the emphasis is on separating the structures so that something new can be born. This is Apt™ to be Aware™ position, so it is only when Saturn or RSVP™ moves into the next System of Scorpio, known in Masters Aquarian Age Astrology™ as Sir Lance and Sir Trance Circles™, that we will become more aware of the reality of what is happening in the world.

Therefore, we all will be experiencing so much more as the New Consciousness is born. We become uplifted and more Aware.

There is so much more to say, but that must come in future segments.

The Stars tell all. We are learning to read their messages.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been so many months since I began this blog. Life is very busy now as I review many of the old texts as well as continue research into Aquarian Age Astrology. It is coming together and soon I will be blogging more regularly. The best to all who read this.