Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How do you know what is happening in a country?

It is not easy to know. For example, what chart does one use for the USA? All the astrologers i know use the July 4, 1776 signing of declaration of indepence. I don’t use that chart. Instead i use the chart for the ratification of the US constitution, since that ratification made the USA a country. I think of the signing of the Declaration of Independence as labor pains.

We could go back to 1584 and the Roanoke VA colony or 1607 and Jamestown Colony in VA. . Or 1620 and Plymouth founders in what is now MA. See the problem here?

Using the Constitution Ratification and the return of Pluto to where is was when New Hampshire ratified the Constitution (and i thank Karen for the time which she found for us), the Constitution is over or fulfilled in the 2030s and i think most people can see we have major problems in the country today. Are these problems the result of what happened in other charts? For example, when Queen Elizabeth I (dtr of Henry the 8th and Anne Bolyn) signed the charter for the Roanoke Va colony, Pluto was at 6 Aries 26, or would have been had it been discovered. What happened in this country with the Roanoke Colony? Everyone disappeared and it is believed the colonists were absorbed into the Croatan Indian Tribe. We know of the Roanoke Colony as the “Lost Colony.” Then what happened when Pluto returned to 6 Aries?

In 1830 we again have something about Native Americans as the Trail of Tears it is called resulting from the Indian Removal Act. Interesting! 

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