Friday, July 12, 2019

Epstein and a couple of thoughts

1) do people want to get caught? Is justice a sense we are born with?
I think so and i believe jeffry epstein wanted, subconsciously maybe, but really wanted his high powered friends to share in his misery. Such a friend would be bill clinton and others; while he had trump as a friend, that ended years ago when trump tossed Epstein from mar a lago and then helped the prosecution to nail epstein the first time (2007-2008).  Ask yourself, would a convicted child predator who owns an island in the Caribbean that is not under us law enforcement auspices and who has the money, plane, etc to travel the world, would such a man own a home in nyc in which his escapades could land him in jail unless he at least subconsciously wanted to get caught so his high powered friends could be taken down with him? Wouldn't he have avoided owning that mansion where sex trafficking took place? I think so, so, to me, this is Epstein's way to balance the scales.

2 and speaking of balancing the scales over victimizers and victims or bringing justice to the issue of sex trafficking, in Aq Age Astrology, the charts are all about Libra and Virgo (remember AAA is not the same as traditional Western or Piscean Age Astrology. enough said because i may write a book explaining all this. A synestry of Epstein’s chart to Clinton’s will be interesting!

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