Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE mentioned on the CBS local news in the Dallas area of Texas (I am in Ferris, 35 miles south of Dallas).
Yes, on Aug. 21 the eclipse will move across the USA and we will be able it at 1:30:06 here for exactness (eclipses are always listed at Universal Time, which is 6:30:06 and UT is 5 hours ahead of us). Of course, the time will be prior to exactitude as the Moon nears the Sun and, obviously, the time will be after exactitude as the Moon leaves the Sun.
Astrologically, the Sun is at 28 degrees of Leo and 52 minutes, so when the Moon eclipses the Sun, it also will be at that same position of the SIGNS (NOT constellations - Astrology in Europe and the USA uses signs, called Tropical Zodiac and Asia uses Constellations, called Sidereal positions).
We use eclipses as they transit natal, progressed, and solar arc charts, as well as in return charts (a solar eclipse shows what energy is being cut off by the moon).

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