Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jeff Bezos's Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Huge Amazon buy - but nobody should be surprised - the astrological chart of Jeff Bezos shows from his age of about 8 he has enjoyed a goal of being the #1 retailer in the world and he is challenging Wal-mart now on the hard building front with Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods.

He says he wants to change the way people grocery shop.

I've shopped in the past at Whole Foods (the store in Dallas USED to be the ONLY place to find raw sunflower seeds that were unaltered with salt, etc.). Most shoppers are higher income people and are willing to pay a LOT more for organic foods.

At this point, I'm not sure Bezos's purchase is going to run mainstream grocery stores and Wal-mart out of the food biz.

BTW, the Magi chart used is for the re-incorporation that was done in Delaware - that is NOT the full history of the company. 

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