Saturday, April 4, 2020

8th house is this death?

I was reading of the death of Maeve Fahey Kennedy McKean who apparently died with her son in in the ocean off Chesapeake Bay, Md. The story is she was playing kickball in the back yard of her mom’s house (Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, oldest child of the late Sen Robert Kennedy and his wife Ethel) when the son kicked the ball into the bay water. The wife and kuds were at the MD home as shelter in place at the empty mom’s home since the kids would have more room to play at that house than their own home. The two (Maeve and son) got into a canoe to retrieve the ball but the wind pushed them out of the bay and to the ocean.

A neighbor allegedly saw them that far out and called police. The Coast Guard was called. The canoe was discovered upside down snd the two humans were not seen. The Coast Guard called off the search snd it was presumed the two humans drowned. An exact time of death is not available but it is assumed to be sometime Thursday night, the second.

I had a hard time finding Maeve’s place of birth and was going to use my usual 12:01 pm for birth time (when i don’t have an accurate time), however, i finally found an interview Kathleen and David Lee Townsend did with People Magazine in which Kathleen states they were living in New Haven, Connecticut when David delivered Maeve at home at 4:55 am.

What is interesting is in the progressed chart to April 2, 2020, the 8th house is 21 Gemini snd exactly opposite is Neptune, God of the Sea, at 20 Sag. Also note Hygiah Asteroid at 21 degrees in the sec pg chart.

I will add that chart and the three-up chart of Maeve’s natal, secondary progressed, and transit. 

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