Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Purpose of USA finished

People who know me well are aware i use the ratification of the US Constitution as the US chart and thanks to Katen Boudriault we have a close time. To me, all activities that preceded the Constitution were labor pains. I do know sbout the Dibley chart snd others, but the ratification chart seems to be the most accurate.

In Aquarian Age Astrology, Pluto is fulfillment. As such, uit makes sense that in Piscean Age Astrology, it has been turning something over. We even call our AAA character for Pluto "Grandpa Tumbles Wash and Dry."

In 2034, Pluto will return to it location in the US chart and to me thst is the fulfillment of the purpose of this country. Anothet country would then be taking over to fulfill its destiny or purpose.

While many are believing the election of Donald Trump as president has given the USA a chance to renew its former greatness, there is me who sees the end. We will see which is correct, either the end is set in stone or there is that last reprieve. 

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