Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Did Thomas Jefferson really write the Declaration of Independence?

This was something I posted on Facebook this morning:

Well, this is very odd to me - the news had all these myths about Thomas Jefferson and I was thinking, "Too bad these people don't study HISTORY via actual documentation instead of just believing what is told to them, which may or may not be true."
In the past couple of days I was curious about this phrase "pursuit of happiness" that Jefferson allegedly added to the Declaration of Independent, replacing the word he previously had allegedly written - "property." To me, this pursuit of happiness is pretty much what has ruined this country and it would have to show up in TJ's natal chart and progressed and solar arcs via Jupiter.
So I FOR THE FIRST TIME cast his natal chart and the progressed and solar arc charts to the day the Continental Congress actually voted for independence from Britain, which was July 2, 1776 (and the Rev. War had been on for a year at that point).
Jefferson's natal chart does NOT show he wrote the Dec. of Indep. It shows he was a great speaker, but writing talent is just not there!
Of course, his lecherous behavior is there - at 30, he takes his 14-year-old slave girl to Paris with him - she has 6 children by him (for this reason, I've never been a big fan of Jefferson's - all his talk about equality while he owns slaves - that is hypocrisy to me).
Anyway, I thought, well, he must have written a lot of other books or manuscripts. Boy, was I wrong. He wrote letters, which pretty much everyone back then did, and his ONLY other actual lengthy writing was the Parliamentary Procedures Manual for the Senate in 1812. I haven't run Prog and Solar Arc charts for then to see what is there for 1812, but his NATAL CHART does NOT show he was a writer!
Because of his speaking talent, he was chosen to write the DOI, but then a group of 5 members of the Continental Congress edited the document for presentation to the entire Continental Congress and it was that edited version that was voted on July 2, 1776 (John Adams told his wife that July 2 would become a famous holiday and yet it was July 4 that did and hardly anyone even thinks of July 2).
What IS in TJ's natal chart is his ability to invent things and he was known as an inventor with helpful gadgets at his home, Monticello. Obsession with sex is there. Giving people bossy orders is there. His love of the good life is there. Mastering architecture and structure of buildings and a farm is there. Revealing his idea that happiness is the plan of God is there (not all of us agree with that - I happen to think responsibility is stronger, but that is opinion and Saturn in my chart is much stronger than Jupiter), taking credit for what others have done is there. Writing a long and important document like the DOI is just NOT there!
Could we have been fooled all these years? We have been about George Washington and the myth of the cherry tree not to mention the truth that came out when that non-fiction book was published in the 1960s that had Xerox copies of his financial accounts (expense reports) as held by the Library of Congress (showing he spend a LOT more money on expenses than he would have received had he chosen to go for a salary instead of "just pay my expenses" when elected president).
So, I'm truly surprised and glad I never analyzed the natal chart before. Hue-man nature being what it is, at this age, I'm far more able to just accept the place hue-mans stand in according to the oldest religion on the planet, Astrology. Ain't pretty and there are some who are honest, etc., but most are totally controlled by their emotions, not rational thinking. And Thomas Jefferson was one of those (Moon in Cancer, even without the exact time of birth).

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